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Baby Bedtime Routine

What is a baby bedtime routine?

Do you follow a routine? Do you just go to bed as and when baby pleases? There’s no right or wrong answer, it’s your answer, your way. Yes, there are many recommendations but at the end of the day it is whichever path you chose to go down, nobody else will be there when your child is screaming the house down at 9pm, it’s you, your choice.

We didn’t start putting Oscar into a proper baby bedtime routine until he was 5 months old, he still sleeps next to me in his cot. We decorated his room when I was 7 months pregnant, has he slept in it once? Nope. Will he be sleeping in it in the next few months? Nope. He stopped sleeping in his moses basket at around 3 months and went straight into his cot.


Oscars cot
Oscars cot


Don’t stress yourself out with bedtime routines, there are bound to be nights when you are out and about visiting family, out for a meal or have visitors round and baby isn’t asleep by your bedtime.

We try to get Oscar to sleep or in bed between 7-8pm, this does not always work, for example tonight my mum came over for tea, he napped from 6-6.30pm, I’ve only just managed to get him to sleep after his screaming fit and the fact that he is still teething, after a dose of calpol and a song he’s finally asleep. Because somebody is visiting he doesn’t want to miss anything and starts fighting his sleep, but you can’t say no to people coming round to visit just because its baby’s bedtime.

Most nights he goes down not a problem but babies are babies and they aren’t always going to follow their routine, they aren’t robots.

Don’t get me wrong it can be stressful at times but I try not to stick to Oscar’s routine too much, as said before things can happen that can affect this routine. Oscar loves going to sleep with his lullaby elephant which he had as a gift from his Grandma and late Grandfather.

What to use to wrap baby up at night

We found that swaddling Oscar up in his first few months worked for us. We used this Swaddle Blanket from Gro.

We tried Oscar in a newborn sleeping bag but he couldn’t settle with his arms out. We then tried him with the swaddle blankets and he seemed to be more settled through the night.

Moving on from swaddling

Once he had outgrown the swaddle we started using a Gro Sleeping Bag aged 6-18 months. Since using this sleeping bag we don’t have to worry about the blanket covering his face or him wriggling out of the blanket.


Oscar escaping his cot
Oscar escaping his cot


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Hayley x


Cheeky little grin
Cheeky little grin

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