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First Holiday

Hi there,

So our first holiday…. abroad……

We booked the holiday initially before we even found out we were expecting, the day came round, Wednesday 4th July 2018 we flew from Birmingham Airport to Zakynthos, Oscar was coming 5 months old and it was his first ever flight.

First flight with Mummy & Daddy
First flight with Mummy & Daddy

As our flight was 06.45 in the morning thankfully Oscar was asleep throughout the whole checkin/security phase! Phew!! We boarded our flight and he stayed asleep until we were mid air, I sat and thought have I packed everything? Have I forgotten anything that is an essential? Have I got enough milk? Do I have enough bottles? Nappies?

Useful items to pack in Hand Luggage

We made sure we packed enough of everything incase the worst happens and you have delays, cancelations etc:

  • Sachets of Calpol 5ml & Syringe
  • Toys/Books/Blankets/Snoogies
  • Nappy Bags to put dirty laundry in if baby has an ‘accident’
  • Antibacterial wipes to wipe trays and belt buckles
  • Steralised Dummies & Bottles if your baby uses these
  • Depending on brand of milk you use, the small 8oz prepared milks (we took 4)
  • Nappies & Wipes
  • Sterile spoons & baby food (as we started weaning on baby rice at 4 and a half months old)
  • Small bottles of suncream 50+spf for baby (less than 100mls)
  • Battery operated pushchair fan (Number 1 lifesaver abroad)
  • Rechargable batteries
  • Sterile teethers/ Bibs/ Muslins/ Extra light clothing
  • Changing mat
  • Small first aid kit & nasal aspirator
  • Passports/Travel Insurance, Photo of birth certificate (new regulations state if your baby has a different surname, you need to take proof that you are the babies mother/father)
  • Sunhat
  • A full bottle of cool boiled water/juice for baby
  • Ipad
  • Buggy/Stroller with suitcase clips and name tags
  • Shade protector that cover the stroller that is breathable and has SPF 30+

Don’t worry, flights with a baby aren’t as scary as you think. We travelled with 3 under 1’s and 2 under 5’s and all they did was sleep, eat and watch a film on the iPad.

Thankfully we had no delays and the queue to get into border control wasn’t that long, also the dreaded suitcase experience wasn’t all that bad either. We loaded up the coach and off we were on our way to our resort! (This is when the number 1 lifesaver the battery operated pushchair fan came into use as it clipped onto the back of the seat infant and blew cold air towards Oscar to stop him getting too hot).

Once checked in and at the hotel we unpacked made sure we had enough sterile bottles, packed a bag to go out to the pool, covered Oscar in Factor 50 sunscreen with his sunsuit and sunhat and off we went….


We made sure that wherever we went we were in the shade so it was cooler for Oscar and there wasn’t direct sunlight on him, don’t get me wrong throughout the whole holiday it was stressful trying to make sure your baby is cool, out of sun, hydrated and safe but just remember to keep offering cool boiled water, keep suncream topped up every couple of hours, don’t put your baby in direct sunlight and keeping your baby close by you will be fine.

We took Oscar into the pool a few times, he absolutely loved it! (Try to avoid times when sun is directly above, I think they say its at its strongest between 1pm-4pm, please comment below and correct me if I am wrong). We bought a float with a shade on top from Ebay, used Huggies swim nappies and a SPF 50+ swimsuit and hat. Here’s Oscar having fun in the pool with mummy.

Fun in the pool
Fun in the pool

Unfortunately our first holiday experience wasn’t all plain and sailing, the second day into the holiday the children picked up a stomach bug, all 5 children had picked it up within 4 days and were violently being sick and having explosive diarrhoea (sorry to be so blunt).

Because Oscar was the youngest and could not keep and fluids down we decided we needed to take him to the doctors, the doctor checked Oscar over and thankfully confirmed it was only a stomach bug they had picked up and suggested it could have came from the aircraft (unfortunately we didn’t think to take antibacterial wipes to fly out and now we realised why they were needed), we were given re-hydrating powders for the little ones to take so they didn’t become dehydrated in the heat.

Thankfully after 10 days and infecting 14 out of the 15 of our group the worst was over and all adults and children were fine. We could now finally enjoy the last 4 days of our holiday as a group, we hired a car with a baby car seat (took our own car shades that you put over the door frame to shade baby in the back), we took a open road train into the town for dinner and had a few days by the pool, sea and in different bars/resturants.

Oscar with Mummy & Daddy when England played Croatia in the semi-finals and Oscar with Daddy on the open road train.


I must say, a holiday with a baby is defiantly completely different to holidays as a couple, theres so much stuff you have to pack, you have to plan your day, make sure you’ve got enough milk/food to last you the day as you can’t just pop to the local Co-Op and grab a bottle of milk. But saying that it was a fantastic experience (apart from the sickness) and a lovely break to spend time with family & friends.

Helpful things to pack into your Hold Luggage

  • Mosquito net & towel clips to put over the top of travel cot
  • Mosquito net to put over pushchair
  • Travel cot mobile
  • Small baby paddling pool with shaded roof
  • Microwave steriliser & sterilising tablets
  • ┬áSmall pots to take food out and about in
  • Plenty of teethers/toys
  • Babygrows (if you have zircon in the room, these are needed through the night)
  • Car door shades (if hiring a car)


The biggest life saver that we packed was 100% the battery operated pushchair fan with clip, this was pretty much used every single day to keep Oscar cool.

Thank you for reading this blog, will be updating again soon, please share your holiday experiences and other essentials to pack,

Hayley x


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