5 Baby Bag Must Haves

When packing your baby bag you pack the bare essentials. If you’re anything like me I’ve been through about 6 different baby bags and Oscar is only 6 months old. Be sure to have a good sized baby bag so you don’t have to carry multiples around.


  • Nappies
  • Wipes
  • Nappy Bags (biodegradable if possible)
  • Change of clothes (for any accidents)
  • Bibs/Muslins
  • Dummies
  • Baby Bottles & Formula
  • Breast Pads & Nursing Cover (if needed for breast feeding mums)
  • Changing Mat
  • Hand Sanitiser
  • Blankets
  • Toys/Books/Snoogies

But some thing you don’t even think about when packing a baby bag, I have 5 essentials that I carry around with me because lets face it, you never know if they are needed or not and its best to take extra things for those just in case moments.

5 Must Haves


Baby tethers are a god send when your baby is at that difficult and painful phase when their teeth are breaking through, we use Nuby Cheewbies  and Nuby Bug-A-Loop.


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Try keeping them in a sterile container in the fridge before heading out to cool down those gums, the Cheewbies can be used from 3+ months, Oscar started to get the hang of holding it himself pretty quickly, he still has no visible teeth and loves to have a chew. The Bug-A-Loop is recommended to be used from 3+ months also, it has different textures to help with massaging the gums and its quite easy to hold. Both items are BPA free.

First Aid Kid

We always take out with us a first aid kit, I’m not talking just bandages and plasters. Our first aid kit contains items such as teething powders, teething gel, paracetamol sachets, small antiseptic cream and gripe water.

Under arm thermometer

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Also be sure to pack nappy rash cream & thermometer. These are useful if you’re planning on going away for a few days or just a day out. Theres been a few times that we have been out and we have needed these items.

Antibacterial Wipes

If you’re planning on going out for food, on the bus, to a farm always pack sterile/antibacterial wipes for your journey. Even if its wiping over a table at a restaurant   to cleaning the trays on a aircraft. Antibacterial wipes are extremely useful with a young baby. We picked up some Dettol Wipes just for those moments.

Another handy pack are these Tommee Tippee Wipes, brilliant idea for when you are out and about and your baby drops their dummy on the floor and you have no spares. They are alcohol and bleach free and are anti-bacterial.

Wet Bag

They go hand in hand with extra clothing, if your baby has a sudden unexpected accident these wet bags are perfect to store away soiled, dirty clothing without it getting on anything else in your bag.

Suncream & Hat

As the weather recently has been so unpredictable packing a good SPF 50+ suncream is an essential, Taking a hat also is useful for those days out when the sun unexpectedly makes an appearance. Be sure to pick up a suncream that has a UVA of 5 stars and UVB that is also as high, we tend to take Aldi Suncream with us as its small enough to fit in your bag and it does last a while, its also SPF 50+ and has high UVA & UVB.

This suncream and a hat was essential for us when we went on our first family holiday.

Aldi Suncream

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So be sure to pack those all important essentials and must haves for your baby bag for those just in case moments, thanks for reading and please feel free to comment with advice and suggestions. Also please feel free to like and share. Thank you,

Hayley x

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