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Weaning can be such a difficult and worrying stage, introducing new foods, tastes and textures to babies can also be extremely fun and time to bond! Recommendations state that parents should wait until 6 months old until weaning is introduced, although certain brands of baby food start from 4 months. Some parents who try baby led weaning also introduce foods earlier to their baby.

Oscar’s Journey

We decided that at 3 and a half months old we would start introducing weaning to Oscar as he was a very, very hungry baby. He was and is still currently on Cow & Gate Hungry Baby Milk, we started him on this type of formula when we realised that he was having a bottle every 1-2 hours. Oscar is now currently 6 months old and loves having meal times, we tend to use Cow & Gate baby foods & Aldi’s range Mamia . 

 3-4 Months

Once Oscar had reached 3 and a half months old we decided to try him on baby rice to get used to the texture of new foods. Im not gong to lie he did pull some funny faces at first, it looked like he didn’t enjoy it but I was told by other parents to keep on being persistent with weaning as its a new taste and texture for him it will take a while for him to get used to it. Although you think after a while they really don’t like this, keep pushing you will get there and they will eventually tolerate it more.

First tastes of baby rice
First tastes of baby rice

Eventually he did take to it, I was told at first to still make the consistency quite runny and the the more he gets used to it thicken it up a little. In our experience persistency was key with Oscar’s weaning journey. As you can tell by the photo, he wasn’t best pleased with his first taste.

4-5 Months

At this stage we started to try Oscar with pots and pouches of fruits, a different taste to baby rice, we also tried him with single vegetables. It did take a while, certain vegetables he would pull a funny face at and just spit out, he wasn’t so keen on peas, carrots and parsnips. He loved sweet potato, butternut squash and cauliflower cheese. He really enjoyed Cow & Gate Baby Fruit Pots .

Enjoying new tastes & textures
Enjoying new tastes & textures

Our favourite spoons we are currently using are Tommee Tippee Essentials, they were perfect to scoop just enough food and to also wipe away the excess he had dribbled down his chin. Oscar really did enjoy most fruits, be care with banana as too much of it can cause constipation in your baby.

5-6 months

Oscar really enjoys his food as I’m sure you can see, at this point we tried him on multiple vegetables and multiple fruits. We also bought a Nuby Fruit Net and tried Oscar with watermelon, grapes and strawberries, he really did enjoy trying to hold onto the nibbler and squashing all the fruit inside whilst trying to suck the juices out. Now at 6 months he loves to hold onto the fruit net himself and nibble down on the cold fruit, its always a good way of soothing teething gums.

A messy baby is a happy baby
A messy baby is a happy baby

First food were also introduced at this point, we tried the pureed dinners such as my first spaghetti bolognase, my first Sunday dinner, beef hotpots and chicken with vegetables and rice. We always offer cool boiled water to Oscar when its meal times to try and keep him hydrated as much as possible.

6+ Months

Oscar is still currently in this stage, we’ve started to try him on the Stage 2 7+ months foods. We decided to try this as we will also start introducing things such as Mamia Tomato Wheels, Kiddylicious Blueberry Wafers. He loves trying to chew on the tiny little pieces of food and playing with the pieces of food on his highchair tray. We still try to cut the pieces up smaller for him whilst he is still 6 months just to try and reduce any risks.

A week or so back myself and my mum took my nan out for afternoon tea with Oscar, we sat at the table indulging in cakes, sandwiches and endless amounts of tea. Oscar was sat next to my nan (his grandma) and every piece of cake she took he would put his arm out and open his mouth, it was quite funny at the time but I was told that this is when we know babies are preparing to start feeding themselves.

He showed another example of this when he was sat on his aunts lap whilst she was eating an apple, he grabbed hold of her hand and started to open his mouth, we haven’t yet given him foods to start feeding himself but he does love food to play with food on his highchair tray. I do sometimes when giving him dinner or breakfast let him hold the spoon with my hand to try and help him with the transition of feeding himself.

If we run out of baby juices a helpful tips I learnt was to put a few squirts of fruit puree into a bottle of cool boiled water and mix, if they aren’t so keen on cool boiled water alone at least offering this to them will keep them well hydrated.

We are still on this long journey to weaning, ever parent is different and every parent follow a different path. So far we’ve really enjoyed our journey and Oscar is still being introduced to new foods. Oscar is currently trying Cow & Gate 7+ Jars for dinnertime, I’m sure you can see by his face he really is enjoying making a mess and meal times, but they do say ‘a messy baby is a happy baby’.


The one rule we follow is to make sure Oscar has had his breakfast every morning, wether its porridge, rusk, dairy pots or fruit. Giving your baby breakfast will set them up for the day and we find that giving Oscar breakfast, he tends to not get as grouchy of a morning if he’s still hungry after a bottle.

Always offer your baby cool boiled water whilst in the weaning phase, I’ve also found that using Spring Water Juices is also a good hit with Oscar.


Good Luck on your weaning journeys and please feel free to share your stories, comment and if you have any suggestions don’t hesitate to get in touch. For now breakfast is calling for Oscar, thank you for taking the time to read my blog,

Hayley x

Eating baby rice
Eating baby rice

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