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First Camping Trip

Oscar’s first camping trip, we had been back from our First Holiday Abroad about a week so we were still kind of in holiday mode. We still felt quite nervous, scared, unsure but we were really looking forward to the adventure. We’ve been camping every year now for the past 6-7 years with lee’s parents and siblings. But this was the first time we’d taken Oscar.

We stayed in Phwelli, Abererch Sands, we’ve stayed here for 2 years now, the camping site is literally a 2 minute walk from the beach, they have an on-site swimming pool and its a family friendly camping site. We pitched up on Friday 27th July and stayed until Sunday 29th July.

We arrived quite late at night and Oscar was fast asleep, myself and lee slept in the living area of the tent, lee’s parents stayed in the extension, lee’s younger brother & sister slept in bedroom with Oscar in his travel cot. His travel cot was so quick and easy to set up and was the perfect size, we also took quite a few blankets and his Gro Bag.

As the welsh weather is so unpredictable we wrapped him up in several blankets over the top of his sleeping bag, I also put some socks on his hands to stop his hands from getting cold. It was extremely windy the entire time we were there and the first night I think I slept for about 4 hours as I was just lying on my air bed watching him in his travel cot fast asleep.

Having a nap
Having a nap


I had nothing to worry about, we woke up the next morning and he had his usual cheeky grin on his face waiting for his breakfast. We took a pot of Heinz Porridge  as you only need to add boiling water and he really does enjoy his porridge. All of his other baby foods were jars of Cow & Gate as he enjoys them either hot or cold.

Towards the end of Saturday I began to relax a little and really enjoyed the rest of the  weekend. We didn’t end up taking Oscar swimming as he already had a cold before we arrived and we didn’t want to aggravate it any further so we missed out on swimming.

We managed to fit a lot into the weekend considering the weather, we visited Porthmadog town, had our annual photo in the bay, watching families crabbing off the pier, watched the steam train pass us, sat on the beach for a while and Oscar even tried his first ever strawberry.

We visited a beautiful little ice cream parlour called Cadwaladers in Criccieth, it has the most beautiful views and a large range of ice creams, waffles, milkshakes and sundae’s. Here Oscar tried his first ever taste of ice cream, he absolutely loved the taste of vanilla ice cream, we only gave him a very small taste due to him only being 5 and a half months.

Places to visit nearby


Criccieth has a lovely little ice cream parlour with stunning views, there is a castle at the top of the hill which makes a lovely visit. The RNLI in Criccieth also have practice rescue days which are a great watch for the little ones, they do such a fantastic job.


Porthmadog is excellent for all your shopping needs, there is an Aldi, Lidl, Tesco and Wilkinsons in the town, there’s a lovely pier to do some crabbing from, a steam train that runs from the town with amazing views and a lovely little arcade. I must also mention the beautiful little bakery called Newells, they sell the most amazing cakes, but be sure to get there early as they sell out quick.


Here in Phwelli there a variety of things to do for the little ones, there is a lovely little arcade and a little fair next to it, they have bumper cars, a mini ghost train and a small race track. Some weekends they also have a market on in the main car park, there’s a stand here that do the most amazing wedges of cheesecakes, literally any flavour. There are a few good camping shops here and a fun little sweet shop on the corner called Sugacane.

First taste of a strawberry
First taste of a strawberry


There’s certain things that we packed with us that were an absolute essential when camping with Oscar, here’s a few I’ve listed:


  • Sleeping Bag
  • Travel Cot
  • Warm clothing for night time
  • Extra clothing
  • Sterilising tablets and a large container to fit bottles
  • Portable fridge to keep sterile bottles and water in
  • Portable kettle
  • Suncream & Sunhat
  • Warm coat
  • Cutlery & fruit net
  • Baby food
  • Pushchair & rain cover
  • Over the door shades for the car
  • Usual baby bag
  • Heater in the tent
  • Toys/books/ball pit etc
  • Baby carrier
  • Lights inside tent
  • Mosquito net

Overall we had a fantastic weekend, thoroughly enjoyed by all, the weather wasn’t what we wanted but its what you make of it. We made sure throughout the entire holiday Oscar was warm and comfortable, taking his baby carrier was a blessing on the beach without having to lug around a pushchair across the sand.

Next year we will have a new addition to our annual camping trip (Oscar’s first cousin), we plan on spending the rest of our free weekends at our caravan in Tywyn, Wales.

Thank you for taking the time to read, any suggestion and comments are welcome, please like and share and feel free to take a lot at my other posts.

Hayley x

Chill time
Chill time

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