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Storytime and Sing Songs



They say the earlier you read to your baby the better, they enjoy listening to your voice and let’s face it, reading books in silly voices is pretty fun with your baby. They may not understand just yet but the shapes and colours are interesting for them. We try and make sure there are no distractions when reading to Oscar, we make sure the Tv is turned off and its nice and quiet.

We started reading books to Oscar when he was around 3 months old, the first book we read was Elmer’s Parade, the book is full of colours and a variety of different animals, It’s not a particularly long book so you can keep baby attention whilst reading to them.

We have a variety of books at home we often read to Oscar, he is at the stage now where he likes the books that have different materials on the pages so he can touch them and get a feel of a the new materials.

Oscar nearly 3 months old
First book

Other books we have at home are The Big Book of Noah’s Ark, this is a peek-a-boo style book. We picked this book up from a charity shop in Wales, I remember my grandparents reading me this book when I was younger so finding this to read to Oscar was fantastic.

Another book we like to read is Kipper’s A to Z by Mark Inkpen, this was also found in a charity shop. I remember Kipper being around when I was young, the book is fun to read and also fantastic to use as they get older to promote reading the alphabet.

Before Oscar goes to bed we always read him a bedtime story, Oscar really enjoys story time before bed and its a fantastic way for them to wind down before bedtime. We read I’ll See You In The Morning, its such a beautiful book to read and the words are lovely to put your baby down to bed to.



Oscar really enjoys a sing-song, he loves nursery rhymes and some old time favourites. He’s really into songs with movement and I think this is a brilliant way of bonding.

Our all time favourite song we sing together is Little Peter Rabbit, we sing this song at least once a day, we love this video as it covers nose, feet, knees and head. Oscar absolutely loves watching this video whilst we sing to him. We used this song from a few weeks old up until now and he still absolutely loves it. We also try to sing this song to him whilst he’s falling to sleep in the afternoon for a nap.

Another favourite is an old classic, we like to sing this to him when bedtime is approaching. Bear in the Big Blue House Goodbye Songs, I’m sure everybody has heard this song. Its quite a relaxing and wind down song perfect for bedtime.

We’ve sang the Cbeebies bedtime song to him a few times and he seems to enjoy this too, I think he pretty much enjoys any kind of songs. We sing a variety of nursery rhymes and the usual wheels on the bus and row, row, row your boat.

We love singing songs to Oscar and its such a wonderful feeling seeing his face light up once he recognises the song. As he gets older he will start picking up on different movements and dancing which is something we can’t wait to see, the copying and mimicking.

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