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Things People Forget To Tell You After Birth

So you’ve just gone through a rollercoaster of emotions, you’ve just been through the utter most pain your body can endure, you’ve been through labour and you’ve now got this brand new little baby in your arms and you think OMG that’s it! My body cannot possibly give me anymore grief after this?….. well think again, here are a few things people don’t tell you after birth.


Hair, yes, that lovely, clean, luscious shiny head of hair that’s thickened up during pregnancy! After birth is a different story, we don’t have a dog and it feels like we’ve been living with Siberian Husky for the past 4 months with the amount of hair around the house! How I’ve still got hair on my head I’ll never know. Well, you can blame those pesky hormones for this, as if they’ve not done enough to you through the pregnancy. I was told that by the time your little one is about 8-9 months old this usually fades. If anyone can recommend any shampoo’s or hair products that can promote hair growth again, please give me a shoutout!

After Birth Contractions

Oh yes you read it right, shortly after those real, painful, annoying contractions you get those after birth contractions. This is your uterus starting to go back to it’s original size but this can take six weeks or longer. I mean come on, give us a break! Unfortunately the pains can last for up to two to three days, I found taking paracetamol and ibuprofen really helped me, it took the edge of the pain a little. Don’t worry ladies, it does pass, hang in there! (If they don’t pass after a few days be sure to let your midwife know).

Maternity Pads

Those lovely, big slices of bread you need to wear between your legs they call maternity pads. For what seems like the longest period of your entire life, when you usually have your period once a month, this lasts the whole month. As uncomfortable as they are, for the first week they are the best thing since sliced bread! Tampons are not recommended after birth due to the fact they could pose the risk of introducing and growing bacteria which could lead the infections and other problems.

After Birth Belly

As soon as I had Oscar I thought my belly would go back to normal, after all baby’s out, placenta is out but apparently not. I still looked at least 5 months pregnant for a few days (every body is different, some people can take longer others can be shorter). I was also pretty freaked out at the fact that I could touch my belly button and it would just sink into my skin, yes, your belly feels like jelly. And this is completely normal, just don’t poke and prod too much as your muscles are still extremely tender. Don’t make slimming down your first priority, your baby doesn’t stay a small little baby for long, cherish every moment, take lots of photos and enjoy lots of cuddles and kisses!


You cry, over anything and everything! Those emotions don’t go away straight away and it’s okay to cry because you put your baby’s nappy on the wrong way or because your too hot! Literally anything and everything will potentially make you cry and it’s okay. There are the good times, I thought Oscar was smiling at me at 3am the one morning and cried but it turned out to be just wind. However, if you are feeling extremely down and seem to be crying a lot more, speak to your midwife as soon as.


As I didn’t try breast feeding I bottle fed Oscar from the start I can only speak from my experience of my after boobs. A couple of days after I gave birth, Oh.My.Gosh, painful, swollen, full and heavy. Even bending down to get the shampoo in the shower was a task, they hurt, a lot. Your boobs swell up, they can feel hard to touch and can leak breast milk for a while. Using breast pads can help even if you don’t plan on breastfeeding.

I found putting a cabbage in the fridge for a while then picking off two leaves and placing them on really did help relieve the swelling and eased some discomfort. I was also told by my midwife not to express any milk to try and ease the pain as your body may think that you need the milk for the baby and will carry on producing it, if you don’t plan on breastfeeding you don’t really have any need for your body to continue producing breast milk.

First Toilet Trip

That first time you need to poop after birth is the most terrifying experience, trying to have your first wee is bad enough but this is a whole new level. If you didn’t tear through childbirth and didn’t need any stitches this is enough to make you think that you might need them after all. But its not all that bad, I think its the thought of having to push something else out so quickly after pushing your child out. But after that first toilet trip you feel a wave of emotions and accomplishment, you did it, you achieved it!

The V Area

If you’ve had a normal V delivery, you will be swollen and it will look a lot different. A lot of things have had to happen down there for your baby to be delivered safely so don’t think your V is going to go back to normal within a day or so. I had a small tear after having Oscar and I refused to look in that region for at least a month, another potential to make you cry. But lets face it, you can’t get any action for at least six weeks anyway so don’t worry if it dosen’t look like it used to, but still, don’t look down there! I always found that when going to the toilet to use Water Wipes as they were purely just water and they were so cold, it kind of relieved the discomfort.

Wether you decide to breast or bottle feed, if you’ve had a C-section or V birth, enjoy every single second of being a mother because they grow way to fast! Take my advice and take lots of photos, enjoy time with your baby, kiss and cuddle them as much as you like and don’t worry about tidying up, that can wait! Your baby won’t stay a baby for long so cherish every moment.

Thanks for reading, please share your experiences, comment, like and share.

Hayley x

Wind or Smile?
Wind or Smile?

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