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We are currently at the unhappy, exhausting, painful stage of teething, which lets face it, is all of it. That stage that every mum and dad dread. Although looking at his photos he doesn’t look particularly unhappy and irritated, they must have been taken either after he’d had pain relief or he was having a happy moment. I swear he is not a happy teether.

Oscar had his first bout of symptoms at around 3 months old, he had the usual biting things and dribbling a lot more than usual. Then about a month ago his biting got worse, as he got stronger so did his ability to grab things and put them to his mouth for a nibble. The dribble got worse, the crying got worse and the lovely long undisturbed sleep began to be disrupted. Then finally one evening as I sat in SubWay waiting for my sandwich I put my finger in Oscar’s mouth to check for any signs of a tooth and there it was, a tiny little sharp nub of a tooth poking through, it’s a good job we were the only people in the shop at the time with how excited we got over this proud moment.


First tiny little tooth
First tiny little tooth


Even through all the pain and discomfort he still manages a little smile for mummy. Although we are still at the first stages of teething, there are a few things we have used to try and relieve the pain and discomfort for Oscar. Babies are completely different and what might work for one baby might not work for another, but here are a few things we have found helpful so far.


Here are a few main symptoms that may be present when teething

  • Dribbling
  • Red flushed cheeks
  • Biting/Sucking/Nibbling
  • Rubbing the ear the same side of the tooth pain
  • Irritable & restless
  • Swollen, red gums
  • Not feeding as normal

Pain Relief

I have been using Calpol for Oscar, this seems to help whenever he is showing signs of being in pain. It usually takes a while to kick in but when it does it’s such a relief for both you & baby. Remember to read the instructions as you can only take up to 4 times within 24 hours and the dose of paracetamol depends on the age of the child. It’s so much easier to give to Oscar because of the sweet strawberry taste, he tends to take it better from a spoon than a syringe. Calpol is sugar free which is better for oral care for your baby.

I’ve found that for instant relief we’ve been using Dentinox & Powders. The dentinox is sugar-free and I have found that it does provide instant relief for Oscar. It contains a small amount of Lidocaine which is a common local anaesthetic and contains antiseptic to treat any infection present. The powders we have been using are also great for instant pain relief, they are sold as a herbal medicine product. When you open the sachet is seems like such a small amount of powder for the price you pay, but once you tip into your baby’s mouth it just stops any symptoms of teething, well this is what I have experienced so far.

Teething Toys

My favourite teething toy so far has to be Sophie La Girafe, this definitely helps with the uncomfortableness and discomfort. Oscar seems to absolutely love her, and so do many other babies who’s parents I’ve spoken to. Sophie is made of 100% natural rubber, is BPA free and is designed to stimulate all 5 of a baby’s senses. I don’t know what kind of heaven she came from but she’s proving to be working.

Sophie La Girafe
Sophie La Girafe

Another close favourite are Chewbies, I’ve spoke about these before but they really are fantastic. I usually keep them in a sterile tub in the fridge to keep nice and cool so when Oscar has a chew it cools down the gums. Chewbies are made with extra soft silicone and again are BPA free, they are designed for easy grip and to help soothe and massage the gums. They are also suitable for any form of sterilisation.

Finger toothbrushes are also a fantastic shout for teething babies, they are BPA free and are made of 100% silicone. As well as having a positive impact on oral hygiene they are also a fantastic way to help relieve painful gums. Always put on an adult finger never give these to your baby. They are so easy to clean and sterilise and are so easy to use, but always use under adult supervision.

Somebody bought Oscar a teething mitt, they are a brilliant idea as you put them on your baby’s hand and it minimises the risk of dropping. Unfortunately it cannot be sterilised so it is recommended to surface wash and air dry. It is suitable from 3 months and is BPA free. It has a textured surface made of silicone on top to help with baby’s gums whilst the soft material can be crinkled to stimulate senses.

Any toy at the moment Oscar can get his hands on will go straight to his mouth, along with any hand or sometimes anyones chin. But try to keep to the clean, cool, sterile toys for you baby.


Whenever Oscar is dribbling a lot more than usual I put a bib on him as his t-shirt or baby grow becomes saturated with dribble and causes him to have a rash around his neck and chin. I take extra bibs out with me for those just in case moments. Sometimes when Oscar is in his pushchair I put him a teething bib on, they are designed to absorb the dribble whilst having something for baby to chew on. I also find that if I give Oscar a teether he can hold and we’re out, if he drops it there’s no where I can clean it so at least when he has his bib on he has no chance of throwing it on the floor or dropping it.


Known as fresh food feeders. They really are a fantastic idea for young babies to try new fruits and vegetables whilst minimising the risk of choking, but they are also fantastic for teething. I tend to put cold watermelon or strawberry in the mesh net for Oscar, he loves to have a chew into the cool or frozen fruits. It also helps with introducing new tastes and trying new foods. They are easy to clean, just empty the netting, wash and soak in warm water after each use and ket it dry naturally. Again this product is BPA free which is an absolute must when it comes to buying baby products.

Toothbrush & Toothpaste

As soon as Oscar started showing signs of teething I bought him his first toothbrush and toothpaste for that moment they started peeking through. I try to brush his one and only tooth at least once a day, I use the brush to help massage his gums and soothe any discomfort. At the moment he absolutely loves brushing his teeth and gums but I’m not expecting the happiness to last much longer the older he gets.

Oscar is currently being disturbed through the night by his teeth, he’s waking up earlier of a morning and seems to napping less through the day. It’s such an exhausting time with teething littles ones, I find that it comes in waves, one moment Oscar can be so happy and smiley in his bouncer then in the same breath he can start screaming uncontrollably and the dribble just comes from nowhere. It really is such a hard and painful time for babies, the most we can do is try to reduce pain and give as much comfort as we can. We still have a huge journey ahead of us with teething as this is just the start of ours, I am just hoping that they don’t cause him too much pain as it can be so exhausting for both parents and baby when teething.

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