A Day In The Life Of Mummy & Oscar

Since having Oscar everything has changed, literally everything. The days of just grabbing my coat and popping to the shop are over, now i have to get Oscar ready, put him in his pushchair, take his changing bag, take a bottle just in case, a few toys in case he gets bored and take a blanket in case he gets cold. I can’t just pop anywhere anymore, it turns into a full outing.

I’d say me and Oscar are in a ‘kind of’ routine, we tend to just go with the flow. As I’m off work it’s a little easier with not having to get up at a specific time everyday and having to be out the house and ready by 7am. I know as soon as I go back to work will be when our usual routine goes out the window and we will have to try and get into a new one. Easier said than done I guess.

Some days in the week we go and visit family or spend the day out with family, somedays we will pop over to my friends house or we might have doctor appointments but we try and stick to our daily routine as much as possible. On weekends as Lee is off work we usually spend the whole day out to try and spend as much time together as a family as lee works 9-5 weekdays, by the time he gets home it’s dinner time then bedtime for Oscar.

We don’t stick to the same routine religiously but we do try and keep it kind of the same everyday. Oscar is a nightmare for napping, I’ve probably made a rod for my own back to be honest but it’s like a circle you can’t get out of. He gets over tired and cranky, then refuses to sleep and screams the house down. I have to strip him off because he gets that worked up and sweaty it makes him more cranky and irritable. Most of the time I rock him to sleep, purely because if I leave him he screams that much he holds his breath and starts choking. I’m trying to get out of the habit now of rocking him and a few times when he’s not screaming too much I’ll put him down and he usually cries himself to sleep and soothes himself, but this is a rarity.

Morning Routine

Based on a day where we have no plans on leaving the house.

So of a morning we usually wake up between 7-8am, Oscar has started to wake up a few times through the night because he’s cutting his second tooth but usually doesn’t stir through the night. A few mornings ago Oscar decided 5.45am was an acceptable time to start screaming and shouting, I wasn’t the best pleased mummy at the time. He hasn’t woke up before 6am since he was a couple of months old but teething is playing a huge part in early mornings at the moment. Once he’s awake I tend to take him out of his cot next to the bed and change his nappy, he’s started to have explosive poo’s first thing of a morning so I usually have to change his baby grow and vest too.

Once he’s all clean and smells a little fresher, I put him in his cot with his over head play mobile whilst I go and make a bottle, sometimes if Lee has a few spare minutes before setting off to work he will go make up Oscar’s bottle for me and bring it up. He usually has 7oz first thing of a morning. I then have to help him get his wind up because he still struggles with getting it up himself.

Then we go downstairs and I either put him in his jumparoo or his bouncer whilst he watches his favourite cartoon Puppy Dog Pals. He spends about half an hour to an hour alternating between bouncer and jumparoo before he starts to get tired again.

He usually takes his nap between 9-10am, as previously mentioned he can be a nightmare to get to nap but sometimes he will drop off on his own accord, depending on how he’s feeling. Nap time doesn’t last long either, but it gives me chance to do the dishes or put some laundry in. If we’re going out I take this opportunity to get myself ready and get his bags together.

When he wakes up after his very short power nap, I give Oscar his breakfast. His favourite is porridge, but recently I’ve been adding either a half a fruit pouch or his usually hungry baby formula to try and bulk it out as every day he seems to finish the entire bowl. If there’s one thing we stick to religiously every single day it’s making sure Oscar has his breakfast, it’s always a good start to the day.

After his large bowl of porridge I either put him in his ball pit or put him on his mat so he can have a roll and play around with his toys. At the minute he’s rolling back and forth and trying to bring his legs up when he’s on his front, he hated tummy time as a baby but he really enjoys it now he can move about and hold his weight up himself.

Afternoon Routine

At around midday Oscar will have another 7oz bottle, he doesn’t always finish it he just enjoys biting the teet and playing with the bottle which is great when you go through a tub of food every 4 days and it’s not cheap. He then goes back to either playing in this bouncer or jumparoo whilst I do a little more tidying up and make a cup of tea, I usually have lunch whenever he’s chilled and happy. He will sometimes have a little nap around midday, he tends to have either 2-3 short naps a day, if he’s had a rough, disturbed night he can nap for a lot longer.

Oscar loves snacking in between meals. He really enjoys Melty Sticks at the moment, granted he loves to play with them in his hands but they don’t usually last long. He loves eating fruit from his Mesh Net too, I usually give him watermelon, grapes or strawberries from the fridge. I gave him a few broken up pieces of Milkybar Buttons yesterday which went down a treat, I don’t usually give him chocolate but every now and then won’t hurt him.


Around 3-4pm before I make a start on Lee’s dinner and my own I usually feed Oscar his dinner, he’s currently on 6+ and 7+ foods which contain more bits and a thicker texture. At first it wasn’t the most welcoming reaction but now he loves chewing on the little pieces. He eats a whole large jar of baby food if I use pre made jars. Once he’s eaten all of his dinner successfully I give him a pot of fruit or a pudding. The majority of the time he eats all of this too, and a few times he’s had both. After dinner he goes in his bouncer and watches a bit of tv or I read a book to him to let his dinner settle. He usually has another little power nap around this time, this gives me chance to make a start on our dinner.

Evening Routine

Around 5-6pm he has another 7oz bottle, again he doesn’t always finish it but it tops his belly up from dinner. When daddy’s back from work he spends time with Daddy playing for a while, his little face lights up when he sees his daddy walk through the door. I then make a start on our dinner whilst Lee has Oscar, once his dinner has settled and he’s had play time with Daddy he goes in his jumparoo again or sits in his ball pit and we sit down for our dinner.

We don’t bath Oscar every night, some nights when we are out Oscar will fall asleep on the car journey home and it’s just not worth waking him up for a bath. He will then have one the day after in the morning before breakfast. If we do bath him I get all his bits together and lie it all on our bed and start filling up the big bath. He currently sits in his Bumbo seat in the bath as he’s completely outgrown his bath insert and the bottom of our bath is slippy and it worries me if he falls back, so for now he sits in his bumbo. Oscar absolutely loves having a bath, he literally is like a fish in water, sometimes we lie him down in the bath and he just loves splashing around and playing with the bubbles. We use a bath thermometer to check the bath temp as I’m pretty useless with testing it with my elbow as I love my own baths quite hot but this really helps get the right temperature.

Once bathed we take Oscar into the bedroom, dry him off and give him his baby massage with baby lotion, I find it’s a good way to unwind and chill out for him. I use talc under his neck, armpits, behind his ears and on his bum too. We then get him changed into his baby grow for the night, and then have a big cuddle because he always smells absolutely beautiful after a bath. Sometimes we read Oscar a story after bath time or we go downstairs and have a cuddle on the sofa before bedtime. Oscars bedtime is a little up and down at the moment as he gets really unsettled with his teeth, sometimes he will go down at around 7-7.30pm and other nights it can be pushing on for 9.30pm. We do try and get him down for between 7-8pm, he always has another bottle before bedtime, you guessed it, another 7oz.

We put Oscar to bed either by rocking him or he goes down himself if he feels like it, we put him in his Grobag and put another blanket tucked down either side of the mattress and give him his favourite teddy to cuddle. Once he’s asleep we put the Angel Care on and go downstairs for some well deserved chill time, or more cleaning up.

If we are due to go out early the next day I’ll get his changing bag ready with spare clothes, nappies etc and I make up his powder in his travel tubs ready for the next day. His bottles will all be sterile and ready to be filled the next day. I’ll put him a tub together full of clean sterile dummies, tethers and spoons and keep it in the fridge to take out with us.

Dream Feeding

Since Oscar was a few weeks old we have always followed dream feeding. When myself and Lee go to bed at around 11.30pm we change Oscar’s nappy and give him a 7oz bottle to try and keep him full for the night. This has always been something we have followed, he’s stayed at his nanny’s house a few times and sometimes she forgets to dream feed him and he wakes up at 3-4am for a bottle. I really do recommend dream feeding for a better nights sleep for everyone. Oscar hasn’t woke up for a bottle before 6am for months, if he cries in the night it’s usually for his dummy.

Weekend Routine

Of a weekend it’s so hard to try and stick to our weekly routine of putting Oscar to bed at 7-8pm as most of the time we aren’t home at that time. We can be out or at a friend or families house and that completely throws off his routine. Thankfully he does 95% of the time fall asleep in his car seat on the drive home which means we can take him straight to bed when we get home. Sometimes we can be at my cousins house or our parents houses and we don’t get back home till 10-11pm. Most of the time if we are driving round from one place to the next Oscar will fall asleep in his car seat so he’s still napping. Some Friday’s Oscar will stay over at my mums house and has a later night than usual, I’d be extremely surprised by parents who put their baby to bed at 6pm every night without fail.

We still follow a routine with Oscar but it’s not as strict, we go with the flow. He still manages to sleep 12 hours at night with a few disturbances for his dummy, but we’re happy with how everything is going at the minute.

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