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Bottle or Breast

I purposely haven’t titled this blog ‘Bottle vs Breast’ purely because that makes it sound like a competition, a competition to see who wins at being the best because they can do one or the other. There’s so much debate about what’s best for your baby and there is too much judgement involved.

Why aren’t mums sticking together and supporting each other, why do some parents think it’s appropriate to tell a new mum how she should be feeding her baby? Do some people not stop and think what that person has been through to get where they are. I have so much respect for mums who are able to breast feed and also for mums who chose to go straight to formula. People worry that if you don’t breast feed your baby then you won’t bond with your baby, that’s not the case.

Why should somebody judge a mum for choosing the bottle over breast, and why do some people think it’s okay to judge a mum who’s breast feeding in public! We live in a society now where you get judged for everything you do, and I don’t know why.

I choose to bottle feed Oscar, I’ve never been comfortable with the idea of myself breastfeeding and I didn’t want to try it. The midwives at the hospital were great they didn’t push it on me at all. As long as he was feeding they didn’t seem to bothered about how he was getting his feeds. Oscar still had all of the same nutrients as breast fed babies, he had a shot of Vitamin K when he was born but other than that I see no difference. This is just my experience, I have the utter most respect for mums who try and continue to breast feed their babies and also for mums who chose the bottle straight away.

I felt with bottle feeding it would be nice for Lee to have an input with how Oscar was fed and he could bond in the same way. It was also nice with night feeds too if I was exhausted and struggled to get up early morning for a feed, Lee would help out and give him a bottle. I think people miss the point completely, it’s not important how you feed your baby, it’s important that they are being fed!

I’m just so sick of hearing about how ‘breast is best’, some mums would love nothing more than to breast fed but are unable to. It must have a massive impact on those mummies who really want to but just can’t, it’s so awful to hear people saying how breast feeding is the only way and the best way but think of those poor mummies who are unable to!

Mums should be supporting each other in their choices to feed, not be put down. This can have such an effect on their mental and physical health! Parents who bottle feed feel as though they have to justify their reasoning behind it, well I did, I felt as though I had to explain myself as to why I didn’t choose to breastfeed. And it was simply because it was my choice! I have so much respect for mums who don’t want to breast feed and chose to bottle feed straight away! Formula feeding mummies you will soon wear the crown and become washing & sterilising queen!

And for breast feeding mummies I really do have so much respect for you too, it must be such a difficult and painful experience to go through. And for any mums who are finding it difficult, keep at it, you’re doing a fantastic job! Why should mums feel pressured into having to breast fed their babies in the comfort of their own homes, why can’t they feed their baby in public like you would with a bottle. People judge you no matter what, if your baby is hungry, feed it! Forget what people say, ignore the rude comments that get passed around, you can’t not breast feed your baby because someone is unhappy about the way your doing it!

Breast milk helps your baby fight off infections due to antibodies being passed on but that doesn’t mean formula milk is bad and unhealthy. Mums really do need to stop bashing each other about this subject and instead support each other. Parents go through enough when having a baby they don’t need judgements and comments being made on top of everything else they have to deal with.

So to all mummies who are feeding their babies, regardless of how, well done and keep at it, you’re all doing a fantastic job!

Hayley x

I can hold it myself now mummy
I can hold it myself now mummy

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  1. Shouldn’t matter how you feed your baby aslong as baby is fed as that’s what it best. My 1st was bottle fed after trying to breast feed and unable too, 2nd was mixed fed for 1st month as was just very hungry all the time 3rd was breastfed until 2 and half months until couldn’t bare the teething as was born with 2 teeth so ended up on formula after along and very tearful chat with dr and nurse as felt bad that couldn’t take the pain as kept getting bitten bad and skin got broken bad too but 4th time well almost 6 weeks old and exclusively breastfed so far 😊

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