First Farm Visit

As it’s coming to the end of my maternity leave and the end of summer I thought we’d make the most of our weekends, this week we decided to visit the farm. Oscar’s first visit to the farm, he’s been to dairy farms in the past but never an animal farm.

First thing was preparation, making sure I had everything packed before we left. I decided to take a picnic for us and a picnic for Oscar, oh and a flask of tea for mummy and daddy. So the night before I got everything together, packed his bag (check out what essentials to pack) and got his bottles and clothes ready. Oscar is currently 7 months old and he has just been moved onto Cow & Gate follow on milk, he usually has 2 or 3 full meals a day with snacks.

The morning of the visit we planned on leaving at 10.30am as it was a 30 minute drive to the farm, I got Oscar up, dressed and fed. He had his usual morning porridge to start him up for the day and Lee packed the car. The excitement was just too much for Oscar as he fell asleep in the car when we arrived. We met up with my cousin and his soon to be wife and their 11 month old daughter Summer, it’s so lovely knowing Oscar has so many little cousins around him he will grow up with. It’s also lovely to see them spending time together. It was both Summer and Oscar’s first time at the farm and we were so excited.

Here we were Ash End Farm, I’ve heard so many good things about this place and really wanted Oscar to experience it. Unfortunately as the little ones were too young we didn’t participate in the Big Play Barn so we decided to just take a slow stroll around the farm. We bought two buckets of hay and carrots to feed the animals and the first stop was the goats, guinea pigs and rabbits. At first Oscar wasn’t so sure of the big goat peering over the railings trying to stick his head in the hay bucket but he eventually started to get used to them. We took him out off the pushchair to go and see all the animals individually, his favourites were the guinea pigs. I think the fact he could look down and peer over them filled him with joy,

Oscar and the guinea pigs
Oscar and the guinea pigs

We then moved onto visiting the sheep in the next barn, again we didn’t let Oscar touch any of the food or feed the animals but he enjoyed looking at them just as much. I did pack some Milton surface wipes in my bag which really did come in hands when needing to wipe the little ones hands or clean their dummies or toys once they’d fallen on the floor. We sat him in the hay bale for a photo but he was too interested in picking the hay. There was a little bouncy castle in the corner of the barn for young children, I sat Oscar on it and he had a bounce, he absolutely loved it! It was nice to go round and for the little ones to stay entertained, Oscar enjoyed being picked up and carried around, summer enjoyed holding her mummy’s hands and walking or being picked up.

We visited the cows, chickens and reindeers, oh and we watched the birds of prey. Oscar watched the birds as their trainers were trying to help them fly from one post to another persuading them with food, it was lovely to see these kinds of birds up close. We took a liking to a 17 hands shire horse called ‘George’, I though if he has the same name as Oscar’s middle name then he’s definitely going to be a favourite of ours, he was so lovely and had the most beautiful mane.

It was a fantastic day all round, Oscar saw the first of many animals and got very close to them, he was entertained on the way round with various different activities. At the end of our visit we bought some fresh courgettes for his dinner from the farm shop, he’s never tasted one before so it’s exciting to make him dinners from fresh vegetables.

At the end of the visit we sat down in the cafe and had a coffee and fed the little ones. Summer had a lovely little packed lunch of dairylea sandwiches, grapes, blueberries, yoghurts and some aldi tomato wheels. Oscar’s lunch contained Heinz chicken Sunday dinner, Ella’s kitchen melty sticks, yoghurt and fruit pots. They both pretty much ate everything, they both really do enjoy filling their little bellies.

Summer and Oscar
Summer and Oscar

We visited the gift shop on our way back to the car and bought Summer & Oscar some treats, Oscar took a liking to a little cuddly duck. I did show him the rest of the farm animals but he really got excited over the little, yellow, cuddly duck. Summer loved the little, fluffy sheep and ended up taking one home too.

It was such a wonderful day making memories, I enjoy our weekends when we can spend quality time with Daddy, we try and make the most of them. We will defiantly be visiting Ash End Farm again when they are a bit older so they can take part in the Big Play Barn and activities such as holding baby chicks and taking the tractor ride. We cannot wait to take Oscar out more and spend most weekends as a family, we will definitely be posting about more of Oscar’s first visits so be sure to subscribe with email for updates on blog posts, (I don’t spam).

Thank you for taking the time to read our experience of Oscar’s first visit to the farm. Please feel free to check out my other posts.

Hayley x

Oscar, Mummy and Daddy
Oscar, Mummy and Daddy

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