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Nuby Mash and Feed Review

I was given this heavenly creation from my cousin and his wife to be as their 11 month old no longer needs it as she’s on lumpier, more textured finger foods. I’ve been trying to find this product in supermarkets and baby stores and didn’t ever manage to find one. I’ve been using it for about a week or so now and it is honestly one of the best weaning products I’ve come across.

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The mash and feed comes in the shape of a jug with striations on one side to help with mashing food. It also contains a steam tray inside which can be used in the microwave to steam vegetables. You just add a little water into the bottom, pop the steam tray inside then fill with vegetables and put the lid on and pop it in the microwave for a few minutes. Once steamed empty the water and tip the vegetables into the bowl, then start mashing.

I’ve been trying to make more homemade, fresh foods for Oscar so I know exactly what his food contains. I never add anything into his meals other than baby sauces and veg, I never add salt as their is no need. I’ve recently made a few meals with the mash and feed system and frozen some pots for meals for the following days. Hopefully it might help me stop buying jars and pouches of baby food as they aren’t cheap. We’ve been paying £6 for 10 jars of baby food and he usually has one a day, it just seems like the better option for me to make homemade.

Also with going back to work next month I want to try and get into the routine of pre making fresh meals for him to take in his packed lunch to his nannies or grandmas.

So far the mash and feed system has helped me achieve an easy way to make homemade food. His first batch of dinners were made of carrots, suede, cauliflower, potatoes, broccoli and courgette that we had picked from the farm shop on our visit to the farm. I added in some tomato sauce made for babies, this was just to add a bit of moisture to the meal. I started by putting a little water in the bottom of the jug and adding the vegetables into the steam tray and put the lid on. I microwaved the veg for a few minutes, gave them a move around and continued to microwave for a further couple of minutes. Once cooked I poured the water out of the bowl and tipped all the veg into the bowl and started mashing, I added some baby tomato sauce and sectioned into pots to put in the freezer. He ate one of these meals the following day and he really enjoyed it, he completely emptied the pot.

The day after I decided to make some more meals as the tomato sauce pouch would only last for 24 hours in the fridge and I didn’t want to waste it. This time I cooked some plain penne pasta, I used about 10 pieces and made sure they were floppy and soft before cutting them up into small pieces. I did the same with the vegetables as the previous day, mashed the veg and added the sauce and pasta pieces. He ate one of these meals today for his dinner and again emptied the whole pot.

You can use this product out and about on the go, it’s a fantastic idea with weaning and really does promote making fresh, homemade meals. I would recommend this to any parents who’s babies are at the stage of eating dinners with a little texture and small chunks. The bottom of the bowl is made of non slip material and helps with keeping the bowl in one place when mashing, it’s a great idea to help with mashing fruits too, the usual kind of fruits that are a bit too hard for your baby to eat whole. Soften pieces of fruit in the microwave or just put some boiling water in the bottom of the jug and let the steam soften the fruit before mashing.

The mash and feed system is also BPA free, which for me is a must have. You can probably tell from my other posts about products that I only use BPA free plastic. The majority, if not all of Nuby’s products claim to be BPA free.

It’s so easy to wash and sterilise too, I just pop the system into a bowl of boiling water to let it sterilise after washing. It’s easy to store and carry also as most of the parts fit inside with the lid on. I would definitely recommend this product to fellow parents.

Thanks for reading my post, be sure to check out my other blog posts including weaning.

Hayley x

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