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10 First Aid Kit Essentials

I always carry a small first aid kit around with me where every I go because you never know when you’re going to need it, and I always find it’s best to have a few things with you that nothing at all. As Oscar is currently teething im having to use my first aid kit every day for pain relief, but here are a few extra essentials to pack.

First Aid Kit Essentials


Calpol is an absolute lifesaver when it comes to things like teething or for a fever, it’s main job is to relieve pain but it can also be used if your baby has a high temperature, baby pain relief products that contain paracetamol help bring down a temperature. Calpol is also good for little ones because it has a sweet strawberry flavour which makes it easier for babies to take to. I always carry a sterile 5ml syringe around with me, it makes it so much easier to give Calpol to my little one. I like to carry the Calpol sachets around with me as they are space saving but at the moment were using the rest of our 100ml bottle. Always follow instructions before giving the dose as it alters with the age of your child.


When Oscar was newborn I carried Infacol around with me a lot, as he was formula feed he suffered terrible with colic and wind. Infacol claims to relieve wind, colic and griping pain. I did find that it helped with Oscar when he was a baby but now he’s growing up it doesn’t seem to have the same effect, even though Oscar is now 7 months he still struggles to get his wind up sometimes which causes him such discomfort. Infacol can be used from birth onwards, you can give your baby one (0.5ml) droplet before each feed. Infacol is orange flavoured and is also quite sweet, Oscar did take to it quite when he was a little baby but I don’t think it has the same affect as they grow older.


Thankfully I haven’t had to use any plasters yet as I’m still unsure on what age I should put a plaster on my little one if he ever gets into a situation where he cuts or grazes skin. But nevertheless I carry some little ones around with me, I have used them in the past for my little cousins when they’ve needed one so they do always come in useful. The plasters I have in my first aid kit are part of the kit I purchased from Poundland.


I love Sudocrem! It can be used for anything, nappy rash, cuts, grazes, minor burns and even eczema. It acts as a antiseptic and helps soothe and heal the skin. I use this for myself too, on holiday when I got a little sunburnt I applied this to my skin and it really did help calm down the burn and heal the skin. I carry a small 10g pot around with me, I still use this for when Oscar’s bottom becomes a little sore. Sudocrem is one of my all time favourite products, I highly recommend for new parents.

Nasal Drops

When Oscar was born he was quite snuffly and always sounded bunged up, he had trouble sleeping because it would wake him up. We bought some saline nasal drops to try and clear out his nose and it worked so quickly. He can still get quite bunged up now 7 months on and I still carry it around with me just in case he ever needs a quick relief. The saline drops are just saline water so they won’t hurt your baby and can be used from birth onwards.

Teething Powders

I’ve tried many teething powders and I find Ashton & Parsons to be the best, I’m still not sure how they work but they really do seem to have instant relief for Oscar. When you open the sachet there doesn’t seem to be much powder inside but once it’s in your baby’s mouth it really does make a difference. Recommend for babies over 3 months of age. Check out my teething post where you can find some product that I’ve found to have helped Oscar along the way.


I always take an under arm thermometer with me, you never know when you’re going to need it. Im currently using a Omron under arm thermometer, I use this when Oscar feels a bit under the weather just to check he doesn’t have a low or high temp. Its always good to know, if your little one does have a high temp try Calpol to try and bring their temp down. There NHS suggest that a baby’s body temperature is around 36.4C but can very slightly. Anything above 38C is considered to be a temperature. Below 35C is considered to be hyperthermia, here is some advice from the NHS on hyperthermia.


Another favourite product of mine for teething is Dentinox, this gives Oscar instant relief for his teething pain. You simply make sure you have clean fingers, put a small amount on your finger and just massage it into the gums and you can reapply after 20 minutes. It contains a small dose of lidocaine hydrochloride which is usually used as a local anaesthetic and numbs the area whilst the Cetylpyridinium acts as an antiseptic. Dentinox claim this can be used on babies from birth, It really has helped with Oscar’s teething pain.

Vapour Rub

As stated before Oscar suffered with having a bunged up nose for months when he was newborn and still suffers with it now, we use Snuffle Babe Vapour Rub to try and ease congestion. It is advised only to use on babies over 3 months of age. You simply rub a small amount onto your babies chest to decongest. You can also put a little amount onto a tissue or muslin and place it next to the cot if you don’t feel comfortable rubbing it onto the skin. I also found putting a little blob into a bowl of hot water and placing at the bottom of his cot always helped for a good night sleep.

Rehydration Powders

Before giving these to your little one be sure to speak to a doctor or pharmacist first. We were prescribed these by a doctor in Greece when Oscar came down with a sickness and diarrhoea bug and couldn’t keep fluids down, I was extremely concerned about him becoming dehydrated with the heat. She prescribed some rehydration powders and we mixed them in with Oscar’s food as he couldn’t keep much down including water or formula. Dioralyte claim that their powders can be used up to the age of 2, but speak to a doctor or pharmacist first before giving them to your little ones.


Nasal Aspirator

I carry a nasal aspirator with me for those times Oscar has a large piece of snot up his nose and it needs clearing, (not very pleasant but welcome to parenthood). I use Snuffle Babe as it comes in a carry case you can sterilise and a spare shield inside. This has helped me many time before bed when Oscar has had been bunged up and I’ve managed to extract his snot, don’t worry nothing goes onto your mouth it all gathers into a little pod which you can empty and clean.


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Gripe Water

I really do rate gripe water but carrying it around can be a nightmare because of the size of the bottle, it would be brilliant if they did smaller bottles or sachets. I took a bottle on holiday with me and when we arrived the bottle had smashed, fortunately i’d wrapped it in a sandwich bag and plastic bag so it didn’t leak all over our clothes. I still use gripe water now even though Oscar is 7 months old, he takes it better now than he did as a small baby. Gripe water is recommended for babies over a month old.

Antibacterial Wipes

I carry these wipes around with me all the time, since the doctor on holiday in Greece suggested that Oscar had picked up a tummy bug from the aeroplane I’ve carried these around with me in my bag. I also carry antibacterial gel around for myself too. You can use these wipes on dummies that have been dropped and teething toys that have been dropped on the floor, I would recommend this product to fellow parents. They came in extremely useful on our farm visit.

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