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First Nursery

It was around 28-30 weeks I decided we should start on Oscar’s nursery, if not earlier (I was extremely excited). Myself & Lee had chosen a colour scheme and a theme for his bedroom. We went for grey and yellow for his nursery. The amount of times I moved his room around when I was pregnant was ridiculous, I just couldn’t help myself. I was organising his clothes on a daily basis and just moving items around every day.

We will more than likely be updating his bedroom when he moves into it as at the moment he’s still in our bedroom. I’m not comfortable with the idea yet of him being in his own bedroom at 8 months old, it suits some people but it’s not for me just yet. I’m not 100% sure when I will feel comfortable with him being in his own room but I know the day will have to come so if you have any suggestions of an appropriate age please feel free to comment or drop me a message.


Oscars cot
Oscars cot

Oscar’s cot was a gift from his Nan, it’s a beautiful wooden cot with cut outs of a tall and small giraffe at the bottom. As the photo above was taken in our bedroom we haven’t yet put in into Oscar’s nursery. This photo was taken a while back when Oscar could fit into this teeny sleeping bag, now he’s in a 6-18 months Grobag. We’re at the stage now where we need to move the slats under the mattress down to the next level because he’s using the railing to pull himself up.


We used a grey shade for the walls and added a few yellow accessories to tie everything together. We purchased the curtains from Ikea and light shade from B&Q. The wall stickers were purchased by Oscar’s great aunt & uncle from Mothercare and Oscar has the same bedding to match the fluffy little sheep theme. As well as the bedding and wall stickers in the fluffy sheep theme Oscar has the sheep sit me up cosy from a friend of ours. We have decorated Oscars bedroom with white frames and photos of him as a baby and all of his scan photos, he has a couple of beautiful little frames that have wonderful verses about a new baby boy.

Built In Storage

We have a built in wardrobe in Oscars nursery but at the moment it is storing things he’s grown out of, his Moses baskets, baths and other larger items. I’m hoping to clear that out by the time he moves in so he can use this cupboard for storing all of his toys and baby equipment. Inside the cupboard is a homemade structure with a railing and 4 shelves, I plan on buying some more boxes from Ikea and using these to store toys in.


The majority of the furniture in Oscars room is from Ikea as we have one just down the road from us and I love Ikea furniture. Putting it up is the struggle, I hate flat pack but once it’s up I always love it. We decided on this wardrobe as it has two rails for clothes and 4 shelves for boxes for extra storage. It’s also the perfect size, it’s not too tall and not too wide. We’ve also added 2 extra boxes at the bottom of the railing for hats, socks, shoes and gloves. I have organised all 3 boxes into different items of clothes for Oscar, one for vests, baby grows, bibs/muslins and the other shelf is for blankets and bedding.

We bought our changing table from Ikea and popped a couple more boxes underneath for nappies, wipes and changing equipment. It was so much easier when Oscar was younger to just pop the little light on in his room and change his nappy with all the essentials already there. Instead of using a changing mat as we used ours downstairs I’d use a few thick blankets to lie Oscar down on as I found in the middle of the night it was quite cold to lie Oscar on the mat, at least with the blankets they were warm and cosy and if he had an accident I could just pop them in the wash.

For more storage we also bought a basic bookcase from Ikea, this is still mainly used for storage. Now it has all of his bath equipment/products on, books and just the odd few accessories.


We added a couple of cloud lights on the wall, when Oscar was younger and I’d take him into his nursery to change his nappy I’d just put the one wall light on and it was so relaxing and cosy. I always wanted to get a cuddle chair or a one seated cosy chair to do night feeds in but we wouldn’t have been able to get it up the stairs sop we just ended up going back into our bedroom.

It’s only a small little room the nursery but we’ve made it our own, it’s simple and didn’t break the bank to decorate and furnish. Before Oscar does move into his bedroom to sleep in we will be getting a new carpet and skirting to try and update the room a little. We’re also looking at getting a new window as our windows in our house are currently single glazed and the only thing I don’t like is how low the windows are. It terrifies me that they are single glazed and he’s only got to climb onto the window ledge and stand up the window, so before he does move in we will need a new double glazed window with a safety catch and opening at the top.

I will post pictures of our updated nursery when we have renovated it a little, thanks for taking the time to read this post and please check out my other posts.

Hayley x

Window Ledge
Window Ledge


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