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Finger Foods Part One

How has my tiny little 8lb 3oz baby now grown  to this 8 month, 26lb baby who currently looks like a toddler. I cannot believe we are at the introduction of finger foods, it feels like I’ve blinked and my tiny baby has gone. But this is a new adventure for us both and I’m really looking forward to introducing new foods and textures to Oscar.

We have to be quite careful with Oscar’s foods at the moment as we are trying to rule out a cows milk intolerance, Oscar is currently on sma althera formula, it’s not the nicest tasting milk but if it helps his symptoms calm down then I’ll give anything a go. He’s been on Aptamil and Cow & Gate in the past, both regular and hungry baby formula. Some of the foods in some of our pictures of Oscar eating are from before we spoke to our GP about the milk intolerance and some of the ingredients do contain milk, we’re trying to not give him anything at the moment with any trace of cows milk in until we know for sure if that’s whats causing all of his problems.


We started trying finger foods at 6 months, we started with fruit or veg flavoured melty puffs. Oscar absolutely loves these, our favourite brands are Ellas Kitchen, Aldi & Organix!

Ellas Kitchen

Tucking into a melty stick
Tucking into a melty stick

The thing we like about Ellas is that you can have the long, melty puffs which are easier to hold and nibble on and they are so easy to re-seal and carry around with you. They have a variety of flavours including sweetcorn & carrot and tomato & basil. They are fantastic for first finger foods as they just melt in the mouth, it currently takes Oscar about 20 seconds to eat one of these because they melt so quickly. Recommended for 7+ months.

The melty puffs are also a really good first taste of finger foods as they are a little smaller and they melt so quickly. Many of times Oscar has pushed a full one in his mouth and by there time I’ve tried to get it out its melted into mush. Flavours vary again from tomato & leek, strawberry & banana and carrot & parsnip. They are also really easy to reseal and carry around. Recommended for 6+ months. We use Ikea’s sealing clips as they stay fresh for a few days after opening with these seals. They range in colour and size and I use these for most of Oscars snacks to re-seal.

Aldi Mamia

Mamia tomato wheels
Mamia tomato wheels

At 43p per pack they are the best snacks for value, I even tend to tuck into a few myself sometimes. Recommended for 7+ months as they aren’t as melty as the melty sticks but they are still just as enjoyable. Oscar likes to use his front teeth to bite little pieces off and roll it around his mouth until they become soggy. If your child is as greedy as mine and tries to put the whole thing in his mouth just take it out and place it back in their hand so they can learn not to keep putting the whole thing in.


Organix rings
Organix rings

The thing I like about Organix is everything is natural and funnily enough organic, and we can continue to use most of the products as they don’t contain any traces of cows milk. At first Oscar was trying the sweetcorn rings, recommended for 7+ months. They did melt quite easy but again he would try and put the whole thing in.

At the moment Oscar is really into Organix rice cakes, he absolutely loves them. Oscar’s nanny bought him a box of 15 packets, flavours included banana, apple and raspberry & blueberry. I also do like to tuck into these sometimes myself, they are actually really nice. Again recommended for 7+ months as they are a little harder and need too be chewed a little more, they do become soft after a while and the good thing is Oscar can’t fit the whole thing in his mouth so he enjoys nibbling and sucking them.

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

I’ve been trying to introduce new lunches for Oscar and a little bit of baby led weaning during dinner time. Usually Oscar will have breakfast, lunch and dinner with snacks throughout the day. He also has 3 bottles a day, never really finishes them completely but I know this is where his main nutrients will be coming from.

Sometimes I like to try Oscar with slithers of toast, I use thick white bread and unsalted butter, I don’t use margarine. I cut the crusts off as I can imagine they can be quite tough to chew and swallow and I usually butter both sides just to make sure the toast is floppy and soft. I then cut it into long, slithers as he loves to hold it and have a chew. Unfortunately now we’re going to have to find a new brand of unsalted butter that doesn’t contain cows milk. Any suggestions please leave a comment.

Toast for breakfast
Toast for breakfast

For lunch a few times I’ve made Oscar a sandwich of dairylea cheese spread, I will again have to find an alternative. But he really did love eating these, he enjoyed squashing them between his fingers and figuring out how to eat them. Again I use thick white bread and dairylea triangles, I’d cut off the crusts and cut them into little rectangles to make it easy to hold and eat.

Cheese spread sandwich
Cheese spread sandwich

A few times when we have been out and about and we’ve sat down to have lunch in a cafe, I’ve tried Oscar with different foods and tastes. We don’t tend to salt our food so if Oscar does want some we know he’s not taking in any salt. He’s tried chips, we just cool the chip down, bite off both ends of the chip and mush this inside a little. He’s tried a few beans from my jacket potato, had both potato and beans. I’m not really sure if there is anything Oscar doesn’t like, as long as it’s edible he will give it a go. He’s never really turned his nose up to anything.

I’ve cooked a batch of cooked, peeled carrots a few times and cut them into long slithers for Oscar to have a snack on. He enjoyed them as they just broke up into soft little pieces and of course it all natural as it is just a carrot cooked in boiled water.

When we have a Sunday lunch I usually put a few pieces of veg aside for Oscar. Yesterday my mum made us a Sunday dinner, she put some carrots, broccoli, potato and peas aside for Oscar, I mushed them up and added his Heinz turkey roast jar to give it a little more texture. He really did enjoy it and ate the entire bowl. I gave him his own spoon to try and encourage self feeding but he just likes to chew it at the minute. He is grasping grabbing food off his tray and putting it to his mouth. If i’m making him a dinner at home I use Kallo stock cubes, they contain no MSG, have very a very low salt content and are gluten and lactose free. It gives his dinner a bit more moisture and taste  so it’s easier to eat.

Oscar loves getting into a mess with dinner, any surface that’s untouched gets smeared in food. But they do always say, a messy baby is a happy baby. I can’t wait to introduce more foods to Oscar as he grows. I always keep my eye on Oscar and never leave him unattended when he has food, and I always make sure to offer him a drink of either cool boiled water or baby juice.

Keep your eyes peeled for part 2 of our finger food journey. Thank you for reading this post and don’t forget to check out my other food posts. Feel free to leave a comment, like and share.

Hayley x

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