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I found that even before I was pregnant using mobile apps really helped. The first app I downloaded was from the apple store, it was called Ovia Fertility. I started using this as it tells you when you are most fertile based on the monthly cycle you log. As myself and Lee had talked about trying for a baby we just tried as and when, we didn’t try every single day or stick to a routine of checking my body temperature etc. I used this app for about 4-5 months before we got pregnant and we tried every time it told me when I was most fertile. We did have the moments where I was convinced I was pregnant and took a test but it came up negative.

I think this happened a couple of times, but then one day I was late for my cycle, and I mean really late. I checked my app and saw that we did try on my fertile days as you can log the days you try and you can log all your symptoms. I took a pregnancy test and it came up negative so I thought nothing of it, then it got to the point that I was way too late so took another test and this time it came up positive. As my cycle has always been up and down and it’s never really been consistent. It happened quite quick for us, I think we were more shocked at how quick it happened that the fact that we were pregnant.

Ovia Fertility
Ovia Fertility


Once we found out we booked an early reassurance scan at 8 weeks because I’ve carried before and ended up having a miscarriage quite early on. As soon as we had the scan and we saw this tiny seed on the screen and heard the heartbeat it really did feel real that we were having a baby. I decided to download the next stage to the Ovia apps and downloaded the pregnancy one. This app was absolutely amazing, it lets you log in due dates, gender, symptoms and shows you a week by week update of how your baby looks and what it resembles in size to fruit and vegetables. I religiously read my week by week update on this tiny little seed that grew so quickly into the size of a watermelon.

It was amazing to read updates on what your baby can now do, what size they are and what to look out for. I did download another pregnancy app from Bounty but I didn’t find it as good as Ovia. I found the apps really easy to use and they were really good to record your symptoms on. I loved the fact that I could see how big my babys feet and hands were, the hand suggestion was completely off though because as soon as Oscar was born people would comment on the size of his hands.

Ovia Pregnancy
Ovia Pregnancy


I read all my updates right up until the moment I had Oscar, once I had settled in at home I downloaded the parenting app. I still use this app now as you can log milestones, allergies, health information, appointments etc. It gives you fantastic advice and what to expect at different stages of your baby’s milestones. There is also a social page on the app where you can speak to other parents and share stories and advice. I also use an app called Mush, this is an app for mums in your local area who can chat about advice, meet ups and support. I’ve posted a few times about suggestions on foods and advice on a milk intolerance and have had great support and response from other mums. I’ve also commented on other posts where other mums are seeking advice on certain things. It’s a really good app to get advice and support from other mums and sometimes you read the posts and think I’m so glad I’m not alone and you relate to the majority of posts.

Ovia Parenting
Ovia Parenting

I really did enjoy logging my information and reading about how my baby was growing and still like to read about what to expect at this age. Next time round I will definitely be using these apps again.

Thank you for reading, please check out my other posts.

Hayley x

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