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First Christmas Preparations

I cannot believe this is going to be my little dudes first Christmas! I absolutely love Christmas and the whole build up for Christmas and it’s even more exciting now that we have Oscar to share such a special day with. I always say it doesn’t matter what’s under your Christmas tree, what’s most important is who’s around it. Last Christmas I was 7 months pregnant and had broke up from work on Christmas Eve ready for my maternity leave. I cannot believe that this Christmas were going to be a three, our very first one.

Family is the most important thing to me when it comes to Christmas, I love giving and receiving gifts but just seeing the whole family together makes it so special. Watching there little ones open their presents and taking in the fact that ‘father Christmas’ has visited, the leaving carrots and a glass of milk before bed, I love it! It makes me feel all warm and cosy inside, my heart burts with love knowing that we get to experience this with Oscar.

I say this now but I don’t know how long I will stick to it, I’m going to try so hard not to go crazy on presents for Oscar as he will only be 10 and a half months. A lot of family have asked me what they should get him and in my head I’m thinking I have no idea, I’ve never down this before, it’s all new and fresh, what do you get a nearly 1 year old for Christmas? Most of the family have bought him new clothes for winter/spring in 12-18 or 18-24 months because he’s nearly 9 months now and is already in 9-12 and a few 12-18 months. I absolutely love kids winter clothes, I think they are so cute and beautiful.

We’ve also decided to go for a Christmas Eve box, family and film night, I’m working from 7.30am-8pm Christmas Eve and Boxing Day so we’ve got to make the most of it literally. I’ve bought Oscar a Christmas Eve box, so far in it he has a new baby vest from Pep & Co in Poundland that says ‘My First Christmas’ and a pair of christmassy pj’s which my nan picked up from a local charity shop that were brand new and she paid £1. We also picked up a ‘Santa Please Stop Here’ sign for the front garden, we love putting Christmas lights outside the house, we don’t usually go to mad but I love seeing warm white dangling lights outside houses in winter. Santa sign we picked up from Hollybush, a local garden centre close to ours, we paid £2.99. I’m still in the process of collecting new items for his Christmas Eve Box, I might try and find us a nice children’s Christmas film, The Polar Express is a good shout.

People spend so much money on Christmas Eve boxes, I saw one in Hollybush for £9.99 and it was literally just a cardboard shoe box that was decorated with Christmas pictures and the word ‘Christmas Eve Box’ on. I purchased this box from the gift section in Poundland for, you guessed it, £1.

I’m yet to find a Christmas Day outfit for Oscar, I’m not 100% sure what we’ve planned for the day yet, we usually spend half the day and my mother-in-laws and half the day at my mums or nans. We’re usually quite lucky Christmas Day too as we have 2 small dinner which never turn out to be small but 2 regular sized Christmas dinners.

Yesterday I picked up a tree decoration for Oscar from Poundland and one for his little cousin Riley, honestly if you haven’t been into Poundland they have a really good Christmas range. I also picked up a little blue stocking that I can put some letters on to make Oscars name, as a child I always grew up with a stocking at the end of my bed and one on the fire place. I think the idea to put on at the bottom of the bed may have been so my mum and dad could have an extra 10 minutes sleep whilst I was distracted opening a few little gifts but I love the tradition and I still do it now even at 26. I’m definitely going to be carrying on the tradition with Oscar too and any other future little ones.

Poundland Tree Decoration
Poundland Tree Decoration

I took Oscar to a play session last week at a community centre and in the same building next to the cafe there is a charity shop, the same one my nan got Oscars pj’s from, as I was being served I told the lady it was Oscars first Christmas and she told me she had something perfect for the occasion. She picked up this cellophane wrapped gift that included a brown teddy bear called ‘William’, a Boofle photo frame and a photo tree decoration both stating its baby’s first Christmas. It was so beautiful all wrapped up and it only cost £4, I was so impressed and couldn’t say no.  I’ve added them to his Christmas Eve box so he’s got a cute little frame for a nice picture Christmas day and a new teddy bear to cuddle on the night and he’s tree decoration has been set aside for when the tree goes up.

My First Christmas Gift Set
My First Christmas Gift Set

So far on Oscar’s Christmas present list we’ve bought him a few bath toy sets because he absolutely loves bath time and hasn’t really got any toys, and a few little bits and bobs. He absolutely loves Puppy Dog Pals and has done since he was small, it’s his absolute favourite and we went to Merry Hill a few months ago and visited the Disney store and he clocked the Bingo & Rolly teddy bears and his face just lit up so much, he couldn’t stop smiling and laughing at them so we had to buy them for him. I’ve hid them away until Christmas because I know when he sees them again he is going to be so happy to see them. We’ve got a 20% off voucher for the Disney store so were going to go back soon and buy him a few more little things that are Puppy Dog Pal related for his age.

If anyone has any suggestions of what to buy a 10 month old for Christmas please feel free to comment and let me know your suggestions. At the moment I’m trying to find a few toys that will benefit his development, an activity table, a toy walker etc. Trying to find little stocking fillers is proving difficult to, so far I’ve got a large multipack of Rainbow Drops and a beaker to drink from that is a character  called A.R.F from Puppy Dog Pals.

I’ve managed to convince Lee to let me put the tree and lights up the end of November, I just love those cosy night with the lights on sitting on the sofa with a baileys hot chocolate and the house smelling like pine. I find the Christmas tree lights so relaxing too, I used to love coming home from work and just unwinding in the living room. I’m so excited to for Christmas this year with Oscar, I just wished we were able to spend another Christmas with my grandad as unfortunately this will be our first Christmas without him so it’ll be such a bittersweet day.

Thank you for reading my post, I will have an updated First Christmas post towards the end of 2018. Please feel free to check out my other posts and leave your suggestions as what gifts to get a 10 month old. Oh and it may be a little early but I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, remember it’s not what is under the tree but who’s around it that counts.

Hayley x

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