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Restaurant Date Nights

So this weekend myself & Lee were blessed with two nights child free, two lie-ins and two date nights. I love a good date night, good food, good cocktails and good company. It’s also nice to spend time with your significant other and have adult reciprocated conversation. The first night my mum had Oscar overnight and the second my aunty and her husband had Oscar overnight at my mums.

It was a very first for me and Lee, usually my mum will have Oscar once a fortnight on a Friday but this weekend we were blessed with two! First of all my mum and sister popped over Friday night and picked Oscar up for his sleepover, he’s usually quite good when he sleeps over at nannies house. He has had a new walker that nanny has bought him to keep at hers and had a play in that, my mum sent me a few photos of him too.

Oscars New Walker
Oscars New Walker

Friday night and child free so myself and Lee thought we would go absolutely mental, we had a haircut! I mean what else would you do on a child free night? I decided that we should go for a few drinks to our local Wetherspoons and they now serve Unicorn Gin (and let me tell you it is possibly the best, most prettiest drink I’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting). We scrapped that idea after a while and Lee thought we could use this chance to have a date night, and in our local town centre we have this lovely new built up area full of restaurants and a cinema. It is literally the only nice part of our town centre, there are so many food outlets from TGI’s, Chiquitos and Bella Italia. We thought as we’d visited most of the restaurants we’ve never visited Pizza Express, so Lee went onto the website and found us a cracking deal.

Pizza Express

We went home with our fresh new hair cuts and got a little dressed up for our spontaneous date night. The deal we found on the website for Pizza Express was 3 courses for £13.95, that’s a starter, main and dessert! As we’d never been to Pizza Express before we really didn’t know what to expect as we’d heard mixed reviews about the place. When we got there it wasn’t as busy as you’d expect on a Friday night, but still I much prefer a quiet intimate restaurant to a crammed, sitting on each others lap kind of restaurant. We sat down at a lovely little table and were given our menus, We both went for garlic bread with melted mozzarella for our starter and my gosh, it was delicious! It’s making me salivate now thinking about it, it was so warm and melty. Then for mains I had plain old margarita pizza and Lee had some spicy thing with jalapeños and tabasco sauce, not my cup of tea.

The Pizza was absolutely gorgeous! Homemade and fresh, it was beautifully baked and literally melted in your mouth. Lee literally inhaled his pizza and it was gone so he definitely enjoyed his meal but thinking about it now after nearly 10 years of being together I don’t think there is anything that he’s not finished.

For dessert I opted for vanilla cheesecake, it came with vanilla gelato which was the most beautiful gelato I’ve ever tasted, it had little pieces of vanilla in and was so creamy and full of flavour, and fruit coulis with half a strawberry. Half way through eating it I was ready to explode but it was too damn good to not finish, I had to leave an empty plate! Lee enjoyed a refreshing Kopperberg which was quite expensive I thought, I couldn’t believe it was £6.90 for ONE bottle of Kopperberg, but I enjoyed not just 1 but 2 Limoncello and lemonades.

Overall it was such a lovely date night, and the food was delicious! We will definitely be making a return, and to anyone who is thinking of visiting check out the offers page on the website for Pizza Express, you can get some amazing deals. They also do a vegan and gluten free menu which not many food establishments offer.

The Bradford Arms

Saturday night and we had arranged for a few weeks to meet up with a work friends of Lee’s and take him and his partner to our local, favourite Indian restaurant. We’ve been to this restaurant so many times and were there the week before for Lee’s dads birthday meal, the food is just absolutely amazing here! Every town needs a Bradford Arms. We fell quite lucky because we went out for food at around 7.30pm and it gets so busy here that you can’t book a table you just turn up and hope for the best because it’s that busy, 9 times out of 10 the wait isn’t that long before you can sit down and tuck into the tastiest Indian food in Walsall.

The service is also quite quick, we had a 45 minute wait on our food Saturday but it was expected on a weekend evening. The food arrived and if you ever get the chance to visit this place I recommend the crispy chicken wings, I don’t like chicken wings and won’t eat them from anywhere else but these chicken wings are something else! The food here is so reasonably priced and it tastes so good, this restaurant is extremely popular in our area. I ordered the same as always chicken tikka masala with rice, chips and a plain naan, Lee had some spicy curry that literally made my mouth go numb with how spicy it was but he cleared his plate. It was so nice to sit round a table of 5 adults and have actual adult conversations, and enjoy a few strongbow dark fruits too! The Bradford Arms is probably at the top of my restaurant recommendations.

Farmer Johns

So after our two dates nights out we went to pick Oscar up after he’d spent the morning at church with my aunty, her husband, my nan and cousins. My mum turned up and had Sunday dinner at my nans and we had a £20 off our next visit voucher to Farmer Johns due to poor service and long waits from the last. We thought well why not make it a hat trick and go out once more for food, except this time we get £20 off our meals. My mum again kindly offered to have Oscar for a few hours whilst me and Lee went off to have dinner, again. We really are blessed with such loving and caring families.

We arrived at Farmer John’s are were immediately welcomed and directed to a table, it didn’t take too long until a waiter came over and took our drinks order and food order. The food came quick, considering how busy the restaurant was we were impressed by that. Food was beautiful, Lee had a brie and bacon burger with added jalapeños (I honestly don’t know what his obsession with spicy food is), and I ordered a chicken, gammon and mustard pie. I honestly couldn’t complain with the main meals, once we’d finished we noticed the restaurant had started to go quite, not as many people were coming in and more people were leaving.

It took 40 minutes for the next waitress to take our empty plates and order desserts, again the food came quite quick. Lee had some kind of chocolate cake and I had a tiramisu dessert, it was actually quite nice, until I discovered a piece of cardboard box in a mouthful. That completely put me off and I couldn’t finish the rest of the pudding, I explained too the waitress who eventually came over that I wanted her to explain to the chef that there was cardboard in my pudding and it wasn’t acceptable to be serving this. I had absolutely no response back, all we wanted to do now was leave. We’d been there for nearly 2 hours and all we’d had was a meal and dessert, we waited longer in-between ordering food than we did for it to come out to our table.

Cardboard in my pud
Cardboard in my pud

It wasn’t even busy at this point, we waited for somebody to come over to give us the bill but after waiting 25 minutes we’d literally had enough, so we went to the bar and waited a further 10 minutes at an empty bar to pay the bill. We weren’t even asked about the voucher if this visit was better, or if our experience could have been made better, nothing. Just a card payment and a goodbye, As this is the second time the service has been poor and the staffing levels are low, we definitely won’t be returning to this establishment. I’ve never wanted to leave somewhere in such a hurry, again.

I have had such a wonderful weekend, we’ve tried to make the most of it as I go back to work a week on Monday. I’m actually glad to now be chilling on the sofa in my pj’s having cuddles with Oscar planning our final full week together before I go back to work. Date nights are so much fun and you don’t even need to leave the house or spend any money. We’ve had many of nights in the house chilling on the sofa, binging on Netflix with a bottle of wine, it’s also nice to have some you/alone time together.

We don’t tend to go out much on our child free nights, but this weekend we have indulged in delicious food and gin. Mom guilt did kick in many times but I had to remind myself that we don’t get to do this very often and sometimes it really is much needed.

Also before we head out on a date night we check out certain apps such as Groupon or Wowcher to see if they have any local deals. We rarely go out on date nights without checking these apps for a good deal. Another way of saving money is to check out the restaurants website to see if they have any offers on before visiting, you might just be surprised.

Thanks for reading my post and don’t forget to check out my others.

Hayley x


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