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First Halloween & Bonfire Night


I absolutely love dressing up for halloween, for the past 7-8 years if not longer me and Lee have either held our own halloween parties or we’ve attended halloween themed events. This year was different, this year we wanted to spend it with Oscar, his first ever halloween and his first ever pumpkin patch visit.

We started by visiting Essington Fruit Farm with my cousin, his wife to be and their one year old Summer. We arrived and it was the Saturday that we had snow, I couldn’t believe it, snow in October! But that didn’t stop us, the kiddies were wrapped up in hats, mittens and snow suits ready for the bitter weather we had. The pumpkins we chose weren’t as expensive as I thought they would be, we’ve never been pumpkin picking before. It really was such a lovely day despite the weather, we warmed ourselves up with a nice cup of tea at the pop up cafe and it wasn’t as busy as I thought.

The Cutest Pumpkins
The Cutest Pumpkins

I mean we couldn’t take them to a pumpkin patch and not take the opportunity to capture a cuteness overload like this! I loved the idea of picking our own pumpkin from the vine and carving it ourselves. We also found that the fresh hand picked pumpkin lasted a lot longer than shop bought one, and it was brighter in colour, it looked so much better. We had another pumpkin which we purchased from Morrisons for 75p, but we noticed a difference in the two straight away, the hand picked one from the farm definitely took pride of place. I tried to carve mine into Mickey Mouse as Oscar is really into watching him on the Disney channel at the minute, it definitely didn’t look familiar to him because he completely blanked my efforts. Lee decided to go down the old fashioned scary faced pumpkin and used some tooth picks as scary teeth.


Halloween night we decided to join Lee’s family as he has a younger brother and sister who were excited to go trick or treating. Lee’s mum also invited us round for severed fingers (hot dogs) and zombie vomit (chicken balti). We had a little halloween tea party with halloween cakes and halloween soft drinks. We took the little ones trick or treating and dressed Oscar up as a skeleton over the top of his clothes and his coat. The first time we went he was that excited he fell to sleep as soon as we left the house and woke up when we got back, I’m convinced he smelt the food cooking. We had such a fun night dressed up and Lee’s mums house looked fantastic for halloween. She always knows how to dress the house up, Lee’s dad was scaring all the kids hiding behind the bins dressed as a clown. Halloween was so much fun.


Next year for halloween as Oscar will be 20 months old he will be walking and talking properly, we’re going to throw a little halloween house party for him. I’ve already got a few tricks up my sleeve.


Bonfire Night

Oscar’s first ever bonfire night and I was a little nervous about taking him to the local bonfire show as he’s never been around fireworks before and he’s not all that keen on sudden, loud noises. He hates the ambulance siren, it makes him jump a mile and he ends up screaming the place down. Also on top of that he has such a chesty cough and cold, he’s been constantly attached to my hip and dosed up on Calpol and baby chesty cough syrup. I purchased a Calpol Vapour plug in today to try and see if that will help open up his nasal passage and help him breathe a little better through the night.

We eventually decided we would take him for an hour to meet his baby cousin Riley, and we really were only there an hour. Riley actually slept through the whole show which was hard to believe because of the loud sounds and the flashing lights but he was throwing some Zzzzz’s around. They really do look as snug as bugs in rugs in their warm snow suits and blankets.

We had such a wonderful evening and it wasn’t even that cold which is surprising because I’m usually the first to moan about how my feet or hands are cold. Oscar really looked like he enjoyed the big sprays of light filling up the sky and the loud bangs really didn’t seem to bother him. The bonfire we visited was a local park called King George’s and the event was run by Walsall Council, and this year I thought the display was really good, I was very impressed with the fire flares that went off every so often. They reminded me of something from the X-Factor, big and bold! My favourite fireworks were the ones that look like they glittered across the sky and they weren’t too loud.

I’ve never really been that keen on fireworks, something happened at an event when we were in our late teens and it’s really put me off being up close with them. I don’t think people realise the dangers of misusing fireworks and the after effects they can have. I felt really nervous about taking Oscar but once he started to relax and watch the display, so did I.

Until next time, I hope you all enjoyed your halloween & bonfire nights. Thank you for reading.

Hayley x

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