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5 Things I’ve Learnt To Deal With Since Becoming A Mum

Poop Explosions

Thankfully Oscar is at the age at the moment where poop explosions are a thing of the past (fingers crossed), it would literally be every single day he would have an explosion! The amount of clothing I had the throw because it was either too soiled or too stained is insane. I always wondered how something so small and precious could produce something of that mass and smell.

I’ve learnt to deal with poop, only Oscar’s though, I wouldn’t voluntarily wipe or clean anybody else’s poop. We’ve had many explosions out in public, the worst one being in Zante in a beautiful posh restaurant, Oscar and his cousin Summer both completely and utterly destroyed their outfits. Summer made a pile on the floor that has leaked down the high chair and Oscar’s leaked down the pushchair. We had to try and pass it off as split cauliflower cheese, thankfully the poor sewage systems were in our favour regarding the smell. I used to find Aldi and Pampers nappies really good but they didn’t contain the poop, the same happened with my cousin’s little one, she had Aldi and Pampers and they wouldn’t contain her poop. I found Tesco and Morrisons to be the best nappies, they contained it really well. I still use both of these brands now, I always recommend them to other mums.



I’ve mentioned this before, you can have your entire circle of family and friends around you and still feel lonely. It’s really hard being a parent, you ride an emotional rollercoaster every single day of ups and downs. Those hormones really do play you up, some days I’d sit at home and cry without any reason! Just feeling lonely, even though I’ve had a really good network around me of friends and family you still can’t help but feel lonely. You’re never alone because you have a new baby, I advise you to talk, talk to people, meet new mums who are going through the same! I downloaded a brilliant app for mums called Mush, it’s full of other mums who can relate to your problems.

I’ve woke up with Oscar in the middle of the night and had a scroll through the app and seen other mums going through the same thing, you always feel alone but trust me, you’re not.

Public Meltdowns

We’ve only just started to experience public meltdowns. At the minute Oscar is a nightmare to put into the pushchair or stroller, his whole body goes flat like an ironing board refusing to sit in the pushchair, we were in Asda cafe this week and I took him out and put him into a high chair to feed, what a mistake that was. After screams and tantrums I finally managed to strap him into his buggy after a good few minutes of struggles.

I’ve had a few other experiences of tantrums, I don’t think their full on but their bad enough, when Oscar is hungry, he’s HANGRY and doesn’t he like to let me know. I have to take a bag of melts puffs or skips with me everywhere because when he’s had a hour gap between foods, he will let you know it’s time for food. Many of times I’ve had to give him his bottle in his pushchair in the bus or walking round the supermarket doing our food shop. And I don’t think I’m fully prepared for these tantrums to get worse and more frequent.

My Food Is Not MY Food

Now Oscar is eating finger foods we’ve noticed when we have dinner, it’s not our dinner. Sometimes I’ll feed Oscar his dinner and pudding before we sit and have ours, but as soon as me and his dad walk into the living room with our tray of dinner, he wants it. His own food isn’t good enough, he wants ours. We’ve had to start sitting at the dining table and all eating together, it works but sometimes it’s not practical at all, it would be ideal every night but it just doesn’t suit us at the moment with work. The times we did try it we made Oscar his own plate of dinner, the same as what we have but with fresh vegetables and he eats so much better.

Sometimes I find my self hiding away in the kitchen for a couple of minutes to enjoy a quick snack so Oscar doesn’t see me and throw a tantrum. I bought myself a lovely melted Cadbury’s chocolate muffin last week from the soft play centre we visited, Oscar ate 3/4 of it.

Baby Clothes Won’t Last Long

I have bags and bags of clothes that Oscar has outgrown, some still with tags on he’s never got round to wearing them. I don’t see the point in spending a ton of money on clothes and designer gear because they won’t last long. Since becoming a mum I have learned to love hand me downs, I LOVE HAND ME DOWNS! Even charity shop clothes when they are still tiny, I personally don’t see the point in buying clothes that cost an arm and a leg. Oscar has a lovely Ted Baker shirt vest that he had bought him by his great nan & grandad and he could only squeeze into it twice. Don’t get me wrong it’s absolutely gorgeous and he looked so cute in it but I wouldn’t want his whole wardrobe to be designer gear that’s going to last about 2 months before I have to buy the next lot. But it is always nice to have the odd few things like that.

My nan picked up a gorgeous next coat for him a few weeks ago from a charity shop, only needed a spin in the washer and it looked as good as new, my mother in law also picked up a lovely Ralph Lauren coat for Oscar too from a charity shop that cost £2.99, we looked online and it was about £70 brand new 6-9 months. My mum gave me a bag of clothes from a friend at work that was full of sainbury’s and next clothing and my step mum gave me 3 winter coats from her friend that were all next and I love them all. It’s okay for us adults because a pair of jeans can last years, for a tiny little ever growing baby they last a matter of weeks if not months. I love a good bargain.

There are many, many, many things I’ve learnt to deal with since becoming a mum, it’s such a huge transition. But I would not change it for the world, not even all the poop explosions, it’s all part and parcel of being a parent and I LOVE IT!

Thanks for reading,

Hayley x

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