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Signs Your Baby Is Having A Growth Spurt

I remember sitting in bed one night when Oscar was about 4 weeks old thinking I don’t know what’s happening to my baby. He was feeding constantly, he was sleeping all day and he was so cranky and unsettled. I did the good old mum thing to do and googled it, turns out he was having a growth spurt. I know it sounds silly but I had absolutely no idea they had growth spurts so young and that it affected them so much.

Some days he would sleep the majority of the day, he would feed every 2 hours if not less. When he was awake through the day and even through the night he would be so unsettled and cranky, I had absolutely no idea what was wrong. But rest assured, it’s normal. Babies have way too many growth spurts to count in the first few years. I just went with the flow, fed him when he wanted and put him down for a nap when he needed. It’s not just physical growth spurts babies will go through, its developmental milestones they should hit and new skills they pick up.

Little Baba
Little Baba

I remember Oscar having this gorgeous baby grow that was covered in dinosaurs and the one side was shaped like dinosaur spikes, one week he fitted in it and it looked so comfy and about 2 weeks later I put him back in it and he couldn’t get in it. His toes were curled up and the poppers by his thighs would pop open. I could not believe how quickly these growth spurts happen and how much you notice with clothing. Some babies completely sail through growth spurts without any signs, but all babies are different.


  • Crankiness, crying and being more unsettled than usual
  • Feeding more often
  • Sleeping a lot through the day and maybe less at night
  • Baby being more clingy than usual
  • Weight gain, notice clothes are a little tighter
  • Physical and developmental skills improve

Remember every baby is different so babies will all grow at a different rate, they usually say that boys are likely to grow first and put weight on quicker whilst girls put weight on and grow at the same time. But every baby is different you may not necessarily notice every sign at once.


  • 2 weeks
  • 3 weeks
  • 6 weeks
  • 3 months
  • 6 months
  • 9 months

It will pass, eventually. You may feel like it’s never going to end with how many growth spurts babies have but keep smiling, it will pass. Growth spurts also happen in your baby’s toddler and teenage years, every baby is different so they may not happen exactly on time.

Looking back on photos of when Oscar was small, I cannot believe how much he’s grown, you don’t really notice how they’ve grown until you look back. Oscar was born a longish baby. but now he looks like a 2 year old. I remember once we went for afternoon tea with my mum and nan and Oscar was about 5 months old, a group of ladies were cooing over him and one made a comment of ‘awww he looks like he just wants to have a run around and talk to everybody’. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that he was only 5 months old, he couldn’t even sit up on his own without little assistance. It’s absolutely crazy how you know they’ve grown but can’t see it until you look back. One piece of advice I’d give is take as many photos as you possibly can.

Growth spurts usually last between 2-3 days but can sometimes last for about a week or so. Just follow your baby’s lead, if your baby is crying for an extra bottle then give it them, remember they are growing and will need the extra nutrition. Just remember this is a new experience for you both, your baby is having rapid growth spurts and you as a parent have to be there to help nurture and support baby’s needs. But it is also exhausting for parents. Give baby lots of cuddles, feed when they need feeding even if it’s more than usual, it will pass, just hang in there!

Keep smiling and hang in there, this is the time your baby needs you the most. I mainly survived these growth spurts on no sleep and plenty of caffeine. Stay positive and remember you’re not the only one going through this.

My Big Baba
My Big Baba

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