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Oscar’s First Birthday

I cannot believe my little bear celebrated his first birthday in February! When people say you need to cherish every moment, take their advice. It feels like I blinked and my tiny little 8lb 3oz baby is now a 1 year old. A tantrum throwing, beautiful, crazy little one year old!

Oscar Turns ONE!

We didn’t go too crazy for his birthday, we purchased a play tent and inflatable paw patrol chair for £15 from Argos. We won little Mercedes car from a Facebook competition and kept it in the box until his birthday, a Mickey Mouse pillow from Aldi and just bought a few little toys. The fun really starts when he gets to the age where he starts asking for every single toy in the Argos catalogue and writing lists of every single toy he wants.

We had a little party for Oscar, we put a buffet on, played some music through my iTunes and had family and a few friends celebrate. He had a puppy dog pals cake, (still loves those puppies) and we hired a soft play package for the little ones. It was so lovely having family together, we had family visit from Manchester which was lovely for Oscar. I had a few friends come to the party from work, we all had our little boys around the same time as each other so it was so nice to see our little ones playing together. It was such a lovely day, even though Oscar wasn’t very well he still seemed to have a smile on his face and enjoyed spending time with family.

The day of his birthday we took Oscar to the butterfly farm in Stratford. As beautiful as it was Oscar really wasn’t that keen on the butterflies, (gets that from his mammy). It rained the day we visited so it was nice to be indoors and under shelter, we only managed to spend about an hour there as it was absolutely roasting inside and Oscar was getting a little restless. To be honest it was a great excuse for me as my anxiety around those butterflies was through the roof, I think that is possible where Oscar picked it up from.


‘Mum, Get This Thing Off Me’

We tried not to buy too many presents for Oscar as he really didn’t understand what was going on, it was the same for Christmas! We tried not to go overboard with the spending, he didn’t even know how to open the wrapping paper so myself and lee opened all his presents. Not only that it’s having to store everything, I already feel like we need a spare bedroom just to cater for all his toys and clothes.

We took so many photos of Christmas & his birthday which I’m glad about as we can look back, I started scrapbooking of major events in our lives. It was important to me to take so many photos because I printed them all off and used them in my scrapbooks, I have Oscars first year, (from pregnancy to first birthday), holiday scrapbooks and the wedding scrapbook. Any excuse to start scrapbooking.

I just cannot believe how quick his first year has gone, if you can take one piece of advice it would be cherish every single moment as they really do grow up too quick. Take hundreds of photos and videos. The night before Oscar’s first birthday I remember sitting on the sofa with a glass of wine watching all the videos of him as a baby and crying because I couldn’t believe how quick it had gone. But I am absolutely loving every second of being a mummy to a tantrum throwing toddler.

Thanks for reading and keep your eyes peeled for another post coming soon.

Hayley x


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