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Thomas Land at Drayton Manor

Mom guilt kind of kicked in when we were travelling back from our lovely honeymoon, I somehow found myself booking us tickets to Thomas Land at Drayton Manor for the next day with Oscar. They had a fantastic deal on, it was an adult and toddler ticket for £24 and an additional adult for £20. The admission price even included visiting the zoo and the Dino Trail which Oscar absolutely loved.

We had the best day, there were a few rides Oscar really wasn’t keen on. His favourites were the Sodor Classic Cars, Winston’s Whistle Stop Tours and the Engine Tours. We spent most of our day on those three rides. We purchased a photograph deal whilst we were there, it was £10 per image or £20 for 4 images. This included keyrings, magnets and a child’s train driving license. We opted just for 3 printed photos and a personalised license for Oscar, he ended up walking round the park just smiling and laughing at his photo.

The park was really clean and tidy, it wasn’t that busy considering how nice the weather was. I love the idea of the new ‘smoking zones’ that are in certain places of the park, and the fact you cannot smoke in any random place in the park. It made the park look that little bit more cleaner.

We ate out on our visit, the prices weren’t too bad considering theme parks usually charge an arm and a leg. But on the other hand the price of ice creams was a little steep, I think we paid over £5 for two Mr Whippy cones with a flake.

The Dino Trail was fantastic, there were speakers hidden around the walk that played roaring noises which really caught Oscar’s attention. We had a video of him just standing there looking at the dinosaurs with his jaw literally touching the floor in amazement. They had a few sensory musical items outside the trail too which is good for the little ones and just next to the Dino Trail is a little kids park that’s made to look like train carriages, such a clever idea. Oscar’s new favourite word walking around the park was ‘rawrrrrr’, learnt something new from his visit.


You can catch the engine tours into Thomas Land and to the play park and Dino Trail. They were using Percy & James engines on our visit, both times we rode on Thomas. The train driver was so lovely, each time he came round and introduced himself to the children and even mentioned birthdays of children with was really nice. Throughout the journey the music to Thomas the Tank Engine was being played, the children loved this and Oscar loved dancing to the familiar tune.

Everything is so accessible, especially with a pushchair, there were no steps to go up and down except on the rides, there were specific buggy bays where you could keep your pushchair whilst you went on rides. They had lockers to put your valuables and belongings in if you didn’t want to carry them around the park with you, the toilets and baby changing facilities in Thomas Land were spotless too. The staff were so friendly and accommodating.

It was such a lovely family day, seeing my little dude smile so much just made me melt. We absolutely love family days out and we will definitely be returning to Thomas Land again.

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