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5 Things I Love About Being A Mummy

When people say being a mum is the best thing in the world, it really is! When I look back to my childhood my mum literally was and still is the best mum I could have, she learnt me so much in life and she made me the person I am today. I do hope Oscar sees me that way growing up too, I absolutely love nothing more in this world than being his Mummy.

Here’s a list of 5 things I love about being Oscar’s Mummy:

  • Watching Oscar Learn

I get so excited when he learns something new, even if it’s the smallest most tiniest thing, it makes me so proud! I absolutely love watching him learn new things, it gives me such a sense of pride and I can feel my heart bursting. He gets so proud of himself too when he learns something and we praise him, not just the big things either like walking and crawling. I mean they made me so proud. But the little things he picks up on, learning when he shouldn’t be doing something and shaking his head, pointing to things he wants, watching him play with his toy cars saying ‘bruuuuuuuum’.

I think I literally record everything he does, his first steps all you can hear is me screeching with excitement, his first roll over all I can hear is my voice getting louder and louder cheering him on. They learn things so quickly and pick up on things. I absolutely love the face he pulls to when he hears us cheering him on and praising him, it’s the proudest little smile!

I think I’m literally going to be proud of everything he does, sounds silly but this is my little human and I am proud of him! Everything he does, even when he shit all over me on my birthday when he was about 2 weeks old I was like oh my god this is his present to me!

  • Hearing the word Mummy

The first time I heard this word it was like my heart exploded! He usually only says it now when he wants something, he calls me ‘mammy’, ‘mam’ and ‘mama’ and everytime I hear it I’m like oh my god that me, he’s calling me, I’M HIS MAMA!!

It really is the best thing ever hearing this little human you made call you mama. I don’t think I will ever get bored of hearing him call me, and as said previously I did record the first time he called me mama and sent it everyone just to confirm he was calling me.

Even though he did go through a stage of calling me ‘Ayley’ for a few weeks! We were walking to the park one day with my husband, Oscar, my brother in law, sister in law and nephew and as we were walking he was shouting ‘Ayley’ and they were like did he just call you by your name. Yes, yes he was calling me by my first name. Thankfully I haven’t heard him say it for a few weeks so I’m hoping he’s forgot my actual name!

  • Being Oscar’s Safe Place
Cuddles Forever
Cuddles Forever

If there’s something on TV that he doesn’t like he instantly runs to me for comfort, even just by putting my arm around him and giving him a cuddle he knows he’s safe with mummy! He does this with daddy too. If we’re walking somewhere and he feels unsure he will come running back to us.

I love being his safe place, being able to put my arm around him and make him feel safe is just the best thing. Knowing he feels better when he’s in your arms just makes your heart burst. As independent as he is sometimes, it’s nice just to have him in my arms for a while.

When Oscar is poorly he loves nothing more than to cling onto my ankles all day, napping in my arms and sitting with me watching tv or reading books. He just doesn’t want to leave my side when he’s not feeling well and it’s so nice just to have my loving baby back who doesn’t want anything else but you. I love being the one who can help make him better, make him smile even when he’s feeling poop.

  • Family Days Out
My Family
My Family


Weekends are our time, Lee works 9am – 5pm Monday – Friday and I work 7.30am – 8pm Monday’s, Wednesdays and Thursdays so weekends are our family time. As I always say you don’t have children to spend all your time at work, you’ve got to have family time.

We make sure we actually do things on weekends, even if it’s just a visit to the park or visiting family, when we’re all together it’s family time. We very rarely spend time in the house weekends, I always see it as the housework can wait whilst you’re spending time with your ever growing child and making memories.

I usually spend Tuesdays cleaning the house when Lee is at work, we usually have that day in cleaning and tidying up so we can spent the weekend together. Fridays we have Mummy and Oscar time and wait for daddy to finish work ready for a family weekend. This weekend we’re planning on visiting our caravan and making some new memories!

  • Your own parents

Seeing the love between your own child and your parents is just heart filling. Hearing your parents say how much they love being a grandparents and seeing the bond between them is just beautiful. Seeing how proud they are of your little human just makes you really feel like you are doing the best job as parents.

Oscar spends a lot of time with his grandparents, especially my mum, and lee’s parents. My mum loves taking him to the yard to see Lilly and on days out. He usually goes to Lee’s mums house on Mondays and Thursdays when I’m at work and he spends the day with Lczxee’s nan on Wednesdays. My mum will have him some weekends when she’s not working and when she’s off in the week she will take him out.

Oscar loves seeing my dad and step-mum too, they are expecting my little baby sister the start of June and we’re so excited to meet the new arrival and Oscar’s new playmate.

Oscar absolutely loves going to see his grandparents, when he pulls up outside their houses he knows where he is and gets excited. For us as-well you don’t realise how much your parents actually do until you give them a grandchild.


Being a mum is really hard, you face challenges you never thought you would, you worry more than you ever thought was possible, but you love harder than ever. As true as the saying goes, ‘you don’t really know love until you have a child’, and that is the truest thing I’ve ever heard. It’s a different kind of love, a love that is completely endless and you just keep on giving.

You will go through the hardest moments of parenting but you will also go through the proudest and most rewarding moments too. I love nothing more than being Oscar’s mummy. With all the tantrums, meltdowns, explosive poo’s and bite marks  I wouldn’t give this position up for the world.

Thank you for reading,

Hayley x


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